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  1. Quick! Name the Hulu Series Your State Watches the Most

    As Hulu®, Netflix®, and Amazon® have all begun creating original content, internet providers have started offering higher download speeds and massive data packages to keep up. Streaming has certainly become…

    by Gwynne Monahan on

  2. You State’s Favorite Lifetime Movie [MAP]

    Lifetime launched in 1984, and since then, it’s overturned expectations, revolutionized TV, and had an undeniably major cultural impact. Don’t believe us? Hollywood pulls some of its best talent from…

    by Kylie Mcquarrie on

  3. Now Streaming: Spring 2018

    Spring is here and while you might not be spending quite as much time indoors as you have over the last few months, streaming networks are going to be releasing…

    by Jonathan Huynh on

  4. The Safest and Most Dangerous States for Kids Online

    You might not think it to watch the news, but violent crime in America has decreased drastically in the last 25 years. While crime has generally trended downward, though, the…

    by Kylie Mcquarrie on

  5. A Brief Overview of Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality is a term that is now loosely used to describe a series of rules within the Telecommunications Act which have been used to regulate Internet Service Providers (ISPs)….

    by Jonathan Huynh on

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  6. Which Hallmark Movie Is Your State In Love With?

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like more than half of all Americans, you’re already stockpiling chocolate, roses, and candy galore.  You might also be about…

    by Kylie Mcquarrie on

  7. From Siri to Alexa – The Digital Assistant Revolution

    Over the last couple of years, most of the major tech companies have been making a push for consumers to purchase standalone digital assistant devices for use in the home….

    by Jonathan Huynh on

    amazon echo internet digital assistant
  8. Most Popular Social App by State

    How long has it been since you checked your Facebook app? How about Instagram or Snapchat? We’re guessing that whether you’re at work or home, it’s only been a few…

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  9. Internet Safety Guide: Staying Safe on Social Media

    When you don’t need high-speed Internet access for work or research, social media is a great way to interact with friends, while taking some time to relax. In fact, social…

    by Monique Serbu on

  10. Make Your Phone Work for You, Not Against You, at Work

    In theory, smartphones should make you more productive at work. After all, they give you easy access to email, let you chat with colleagues about important issues, and notify you…

    by Kylie Mcquarrie on

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