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Your Guide to Las Vegas CenturyLink Services

Learn About CenturyLink Internet in Las Vegas, Including 1 Gig

Choose CenturyLink Internet in Las Vegas

Interested in affordable internet plans, great speeds, and helpful customer service? Choose CenturyLink in Las Vegas! Depending on your area, you can enjoy speeds up to 1 Gig. Whatever plan you choose, you’ll love your new internet speeds and protection plan from Centurylink.

CenturyLink 1 Gig Internet

Up to 1 Gig Internet through CenturyLink gives Las Vegas customers a fantastic online experience. When you have up to 1 Gig, your upload and download times are instantaneous. You shouldn’t have to wait for a page to load or for a video or song to stream, no matter how many web users there are in your household or how many devices they connect.

CenturyLink Price for Life 
Up to 1 Gig Internet

Keep your internet rate for as long as you keep your Price for Life Plan.


Plans and Speeds for Any Budget

If you’ve been looking across the Las Vegas Valley for affordable high-speed Internet, your search stops with CenturyLink. With affordable internet plans and speeds ranging from up to 25 Mbps to a full gigabit, CenturyLink helps to eliminates your need to sacrifice a paycheck just to stream your favorite series.

Currently, the most popular CenturyLink speeds for homes in Las Vegas include the 25 and 80 mbps packages. Whatever type of customer you are, there’s a package that works for you:

  • Speeds up to 20 or 25 Mbps is perfect for individuals or small households who connect no more than one or two devices.
  • Speeds up to 80 or 100 Mbps works for slightly larger households with two or three people who stream and surf at the same time.
  • Speeds up to 1 Gig is perfect for gamers and larger households where Internet users connect several devices simultaneously.

Las Vegas is also home to CenturyLink 1-Gig Fiber-Optic Internet. Whether you game professionally, spend a lot of time online, or simply want to experience the best Internet on the market, 1 Gig Internet is right for you.

Similarly, if you want to enjoy high-definition TV in Las Vegas, couple your 1 Gig Internet with DIRECTV to make your streaming and channel surfing better than ever.

CenturyLink has 3 locations in the Las Vegas area:

What Can You Expect from CenturyLink Installation?

When you first order your CenturyLink Internet, you can request that a technician visit your home and install the web service for you. If you go this route, a CenturyLink technician will install and activate your Internet within seven days of your order. A $60 professional installation fee will apply.

Since there are multiple CenturyLink retail locations across Las Vegas and many more in the suburbs, you shouldn’t have trouble scheduling a professional installation. Feel free to visit your nearest location to ask about equipment and installation.

Alternatively, you can install and activate your new web service yourself. The entire process takes between 20 and 40 minutes, and you can chat with an agent any time to get CenturyLink tech support if you have questions. Self installation, if available at customer’s location, may be selected at no charge.

Have other questions about CenturyLink installation? Find the answers you’re looking for on the customer support page.

Top Questions from Our Las Vegas Customers

Below, we’ve listed answers to our Las Vegas customers’ most frequently asked questions. Don’t see your question answered here? Contact CenturyLink any time to get an immediate answer.