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CenturyLink Salt Lake High-speed Internet and Home Services Guide

Get Up-To-Date Internet Pricing and Package Information for Your Salt Lake Neighborhood

Choose CenturyLink Fiber in the Beehive State

Have you been searching for an alternative provider for high-speed internet in Salt Lake City? Well, chances are that CenturyLink is already offering high-speed fiber service in your area. In fact, CenturyLink Fiber service is now available in most neighborhoods across the valley, from The Avenues to Sugarhouse and beyond.

Centurylink 1 Gig Internet

CenturyLink Fiber service is internet service that lives up to the Utah slogan “Life Elevated.” With competitive upload and download speeds, affordable packages, and home service bundle options, you can get CenturyLink Fiber plans with everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

CenturyLink plans to continue expanding high-quality and affordable fiber service all across the Salt Lake Valley and beyond. Contact CenturyLink today to find out exactly what plans and packaging are available in your neighborhood right now.

CenturyLink Price for Life 
Up to 1 Gig Internet

Keep your internet rate for as long as you keep your Price for Life Plan.


High-Speed Internet Pricing and Packages for Salt Lake Residents

If you live by yourself or with a roommate in the Artist Apartments near Rose Park, chances are that you don’t have the same data demands as a larger family home in Sugarhouse. And that means that you shouldn’t have to pay for the same amount of data either. All across the greater Salt Lake area, CenturyLink has high-speed internet plans with speeds ranging from up to 20 to up to 100 Mbps.

Not only are these plans affordable, but they should be enough to provide those in smaller living spaces with adequate bandwidth for social media, streaming, and other fun online activities. In some neighborhoods, CenturyLink offers speeds of up to 1 Gig, which is enough bandwidth to handle anything that you can throw at it, whether you have many devices streaming media simultaneously or a couple of hardcore gamers living in the house.

With so many flexible and affordable internet options on both fiber and DSL networks, it’s easy to find a CenturyLink plan that will fit your lifestyle. Contact a CenturyLink professional now to learn more about what options are best for your situation.

CenturyLink has 3 locations in the Salt Lake City area:

Exceptional Internet Installation Service in Salt Lake Valley

No matter where you live in Salt Lake City, installation and setup for CenturyLink service is simple. For CenturyLink fiber, you’ll have an opportunity to set up an appointment for installation at the time of purchase. A $60 professional installation fee will apply.

When the day arrives, CenturyLink professionals will install your equipment and make sure you understand how to set everything up and run it correctly. If you’re purchasing CenturyLink DSL service, you can also schedule an installation at the time of purchase. However, since CenturyLink high-speed DSL internet service is delivered to your home via your phone lines, there is no need to drill or dig to make room for wires. And setup is relatively simple, so if you’re comfortable with it, you also have the option of taking care of installation and setup yourself. Self installation, if available in your location, may be selected at no extra cost.

What Do Your Neighbors in Salt Lake Want to Know About CenturyLink?

Here are some of the most popular questions that we’ve received from your neighbors living in the Salt Lake City area.