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Does CenturyLink service my area?

To see if you are in a CenturyLink area, call 1-888-781-8044.

What kind of support does CenturyLink provide?

CenturyLink provides 24/7 technical support.

Does CenturyLink require a contract?

CenturyLink offers plans with no term commitment month to month service (referred to as “no contract”) that may be canceled at any time without an early termination fee. But customers must accept High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement prior to using service.

Does CenturyLink do a credit check?

Yes. CenturyLink performs a credit check in order to verify the identity of its customers and in order to qualify its customers. In the event that a customer does not qualify for service, a small deposit may be required to set up new service.

Do I get a discount for bundling services?

Yes! When you bundle certain services you can recieve a discount.

Did CenturyLink buy Qwest? Does CenturyLink own Qwest? Is CenturyLink Qwest?

Yes. On April 22, 2010, CenturyLink agreed to acquire Qwest.

Is CenturyLink EMBARQ?

Yes, formerly known as CenturyTel, Inc., CenturyLink acquired EMBARQ in 2009 and began doing business as CenturyLink, Inc. in May 2010.

Does CenturyLink go door-to-door?

No. However CenturyLink may contract with third-party companies that may offer services door-to-door.

Is CenturyLink Sprint?


Does Verizon own CenturyLink?


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Is CenturyLink cable, DSL, fiber optic, or satellite?

CenturyLink uses a number of different technologies to deliver broadband Internet speeds such as fiber optic, and DSL. While broadband internet can be provided through these different technologies, the type of broadband internet service you get depends on your individual needs and availability in your area. You can see available packages here.

Does CenturyLink offer internet without phone?

Yes. See CenturyLink "internet-only" options here.

How are my internet services installed?

CenturyLink provides either a professional installation or a self-installation. If you choose the self-installation option, you will receive a package with the equipment and instructions on how to set up everything. If you choose a professional installation, a CenturyLink technician will come to your home and install everything for you.

How many devices can I connect?

The number of devices is only limited by the bandwidth of your connection and the capability of your router.

Is CenturyLink email free? Does CenturyLink have email?

Yes. Every CenturyLink High-Speed Internet customer receives up to 11 free email accounts and a full suite of email products, such as Webmail (accessible from anywhere when you're online) and customizable features, comparable to Microsoft Outlook.

Does CenturyLink have wireless internet?

Yes. See available packages for pricing and details here, or call 1-888-910-6205.

Is CenturyLink good for online gaming?

CenturyLink is perfect for online gaming. Opt for faster connection speeds for an optimal online gaming experience. See packages and pricing for more details about options.

Does CenturyLink work with Xbox Live?

Yes, CenturyLink works with Xbox live. If you're having trouble, look into connection speed options.

What type of technology powers CenturyLink internet?

CenturyLink has multiple ways of providing service. The Network is increasingly deploying fiber optics to bring faster speeds to customers. CenturyLink utilizes Fiber to the Node, Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Curb, as well as tradition DSL architectures from its Central Office and Remote Terminals.

Is CenturyLink email IMAP or Pop3?

It's POP3 and SMTP.

Does CenturyLink use static IP?

Yes, depending on availability and service area, customers have the option to purchase a static IP address.

Does CenturyLink use PPPoE or DHCP?

Both. Customers in regions that used to be Qwest and CenturyTel regions have modems that operate using PPPoE, whereas previous EMBARQ and Madison River customers are using DHCP.

Does CenturyLink support IPv6?

Yes. CenturyLink began working with IPv6 technology in 2000 and began supporting IPv6 enterprise services in 2008. In April of 2012, CenturyLink began the support of IPv6 6RD (Rapid Deployment), which allows IPv4 users to connect to an IPv6 network. 6RD is a temporary solution until all networks have been upgraded to IPv6.

Does CenturyLink use VDSL?

Yes, CenturyLink uses VDSL, ADSL+, and Bonded AADSL+ to ensure you enjoy a fast Internet connection.

Are there recommended computer requirements for CenturyLink DSL?

For a PC, you will need: Windows® XP SP3 with 1 GB ram or Windows® Vista with 2 GB ram, 300 MB+ available hard drive space, 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet adaptor. For a Mac®, you will need: OS X 10.5 with 1 GB 300MB+ available hard drive space, 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet adaptor.

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Internet bandwidth & speed

What speeds are available for high-speed internet?

It depends on where you live, but download speeds range anywhere from 1.5 Mbps to 40 Mbps. Call 1-888-561-9173 to learn about the options available in your area.

Can I upgrade my current internet speeds?

If a faster speed is available in your area, you can always upgrade to a faster connection. Call 1-888-910-6205 to learn about your options.

Does CenturyLink throttle Netflix, YouTube?

No. CenturyLink does not block, prioritize, or degrade any Internet sourced or destined traffic based on application, source, destination, protocol, or port unless it does so in connection with harmful security practices.

Does CenturyLink have a data cap? Does CenturyLink have a bandwidth cap?

CenturyLink's download guidelines are designed to support today's download usage patterns. Our updated plans include the following download usage limits: 150 Gigabytes for 1.5Mbps plans and 250 Gigabytes for plans greater than 1.5Mbps. You can learn more about CenturyLink's excessive use policy here.

How much does CenturyLink Internet cost?

It depends on the availability in your service area. Call 1-888-910-6205 to learn about your options.

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Security & privacy

Does CenturyLink have antivirus? Does CenturyLink have virus protection?

Yes. All CenturyLink High-Speed-Internet customers have the option of adding anti-virus protection to their Internet service.

Does CenturyLink monitor downloads?

Yes and No. In the event that CenturyLink feels that it is necessary, they may look into the data that passes through their networks, such as websites being visited, files being transferred, or applications being used.

Does CenturyLink use proxy servers?

Yes. CenturyLink offers internet security services that allow customers to route their Internet traffic through a CenturyLink Web Proxy Server.

Does CenturyLink block ports?

Yes and No. CenturyLink blocks certain ports per industry-standard best practices. CenturyLink may block ports that are commonly used to exploit other customers or non-customer computers. CenturyLink may block sites that are used in a malicious manner to infect customers or perform fraud.

Does CenturyLink block websites?

CenturyLink only blocks malicious or phishing sites in order to protect customers.

Does CenturyLink block port 80?

As of now, no. However, most ISPs do block port 80, so this may be the case with CenturyLink in the near future.

Will CenturyLink get ESPN3?

ESPN 3 is not a television channel. ESPN3 is an online streaming service provided by ESPN Inc. that delivers both live streams and replays of global sporting events.

Does CenturyLink block port 25?

Yes. CenturyLink, along with all major ISPs, blocks port 25 in an effort to block the spreading of email viruses and spam. To learn more about Port 25 blocking, check CenturyLink's internet service management page here.

Does CenturyLink block port 21?


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Internet equipment

Does CenturyLink provide a modem?

Yes, you can lease or buy a modem through CenturyLink. You can choose your option during checkout in the online order process, or you can call and talk to a representative about your options. Call 1-888-910-6205.

What are the modem requirements for CenturyLink Internet?

You will need a CenturyLink-compatible modem when you sign up for CenturyLink Internet service. A modem will be provided for you for a small monthly rental fee, or you can choose to buy the modem outright from CenturyLink. You can also use your own modem as long as it's compatible with CenturyLink service.

Is CenturyLink 660 series wireless?

Within the 660 series there were 2 modems: 660R-single port modem, not wireless; and the 660HW, that is a wireless gateway.

What modem does CenturyLink use?

CenturyLink supports the following Modems to varying degrees of support:

  • End-to-End support: Actiontec C1000A, Actiontec C2000A, Actiontec PK5000, Actiontec PK5001A, Actiontec Q1000, Actiontec Q2000, Actiontec M1000, Actiontec GT701, Actiontec GT701-WG, Actiontec 1520/1524, Cisco DDR2200,Technicolor C2000T, ZyXEL 660 series, ZyXEL PK5000Z, ZyXEL PK5001Z, ZyXEL C1000Z, ZyXEL FR1000Z, ZyXEL Q1000Z, ZyXEL Q100, 2Wire 2700 HG-D, 2Wire 2701 HG-D, Motorola 3347.

  • Troubleshooting: Intel 2100, Cisco 678

  • Diagnostics: Intel 2200, Intel 3200, Cisco 675, MSN [Arescom 800], MSN [Accton DSL 1000]. See more information here.

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Home phone

Does CenturyLink require a phone line?

It depends on the service available in your area. Call 1-888-910-6205 to learn more.

Does CenturyLink have cell phone service? does not offer cell phone service.

Is CenturyLink VoIP? offers premium landline phone services, including VoIP for businesses.

With a CenturyLink phone plan, what type of calling features will I get?

You will receive:

  • Voicemail

  • Caller ID

  • Call Waiting/Call Waiting ID

  • Caller ID per Call Blocking

  • Return Call

  • Busy Redial

  • Selectively forward or block callers

  • Three-Way Calling

  • Call Forwarding

  • No solicitation

  • Selective Call Waiting ID

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Billing & payment

How will I be charged for my services?

You have several options for payment. You can receive a bill through the mail, you can pay online, you can call in and pay over the phone, or you can visit one of CenturyLink's store locations.

When is my first bill due?

Depending on your billing cycle, your first payment is due approximately 30 days after your service is activated.

What happens if I pay my internet bill after the due date?

Depending on the services you have with Centurylink and the state where you reside, late payments may result in being charged a flat fee, interest costs based on a percentage of the amount due, or possibly both.

Are there any upfront fees for CenturyLink service?

Yes, but they aren't due until you pay your first bill. There are Phone/Internet activation fees, equipment fees (if you don't have your own), shipping and handling costs, and installation fees, if applicable. To activate your Internet, you may pay a one-time fee, plus a possible shipping and handling fee. Phone activation prices vary by state.

Is there a deposit to sign up for CenturyLink service?

There may be a deposit per service, depending on your credit score. CenturyLink may also require a deposit if your service is switched off because of late payments or non-payment.

Does CenturyLink bill in advance?

Yes. Your monthly CenturyLink bill includes recurring monthly charges for services billed one month in advance, such as calling plans, local calling services, and custom calling features. It also includes usage charges that are billed after they are used, such as pay-per-use calling features and long-distance calls.

Does CenturyLink accept PayPal?


Does CenturyLink take American Express?

No. CenturyLink does not accept American Express. Centurylink accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards.

What is paperless billing?

You will receive an electronic bill online (through email) instead of getting a paper bill in the mail.

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How do I access my online account?

Go to and register your account for online access. You will need your telephone or account number and the security code provided to you via email. If you already have a user name and password, visit to login.

Can I place my account on hold?

Yes. The length of time you can put your services on hold will depend on your location and situation.