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How Fast Is CenturyLink Internet?

Depending on your plan and your area, CenturyLink Internet speeds range from 1.5 mbps up to Fiber Gigabit. The Internet speed you need depends on what you use the Internet for and how many people in your household use the Internet at once. The higher your speed, the wider the bandwidth, and the more users the web can accommodate.

For instance, if more than four people live in your home and use the Internet on several devices, you might want a speed of up to 40 mbps. However, if you live by yourself or only connect one or two devices to the Internet, a speed of 5 to 12 mbps should work for you perfectly. Streaming services like Netflix recommend that you have speeds of 5 mbps or more to stream HD videos.

How Fast Is Fiber Internet?

CenturyLink Fiber Internet can reach speeds up to 940 mbps via a wired connection. With Fiber Gigabit, your upload and download speeds are instantaneous—you never wait for a video to stream or a game to load. Fiber Gigabit is available in cities across the nation, including in Seattle, Portland, and more. Listed speeds may not be available in your area.

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