CenturyLink Internet and TV providers team up to connect your home

Combine an internet plan with a home phone and pair with a TV service at an affordable rate.

  • Customizable entertainment preferences
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Access to streaming services

CenturyLink Internet & Home Phone with TV

Pair an internet and home phone plan to get maximum value out of the services you want. Plans include Fiber Gigabit (up to 940 Mbps; speed may not be available in your area) in select cities, home phone services, and the option to add dynamic TV content from your choice of TV providers.

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Add a TV option

CenturyLink has teamed up with two TV providers that deliver the quality entertainment you want.

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Pair Internet with Home Phone

Get a secure landline connection when you pair your internet plan with home phone service.

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • One convenient monthly bill
  • Fast Internet speed available at your home
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Get all three services

Bundle your CenturyLink Home Phone and Internet together and add a TV provider.

  • Full entertainment options
  • Affordable rates
  • Access to all three home services
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Choose your ideal CenturyLink solution

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No bundle required

Select only the services you want for your household, whether that’s internet-only, home phone-only, or a TV entertainment package from a provider that has teamed up with CenturyLink.

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No data caps

Spend a truly unlimited time online thanks to no data caps for you and your household with a CenturyLink internet plan. Stream, surf, game, and talk—all without the stress of overage charges.

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No annual contract

With CenturyLink, you pay month to month without needing to commit to a long-term internet plan.

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CenturyLink Internet plus TV providers: Watch what you love

CenturyLink has teamed up with two TV service options to bring you the entertainment content you want. Depending on availability, you can choose between DIRECTV or DISH TV as a provider. No matter which plan you pick, you can access all the perks that come with TV plans.

  • Select from must-have channel options
  • Seamless streaming options
  • Affordable rates

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Get a fast connection with Internet + Home Phone

Secure your connection to family and friends (and emergency personnel) with a CenturyLink Home Phone plan. Landline phones allow operators to identify your street address so that first responders can get to you quickly. Stay in touch with family and friends with a network that brings perks and safety to your home.

  • Three-way calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
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