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What Anime Series Did Your State Google The Most?

Jump to: Your State’s Most Searched Anime Interesting Findings Methodology About CenturyLinkQuote Monkey D. Luffy. Roronoa Zoro. Sanji. If any of these names ring a bell, you probably live in one of the 25 states that searched for the anime ONE PIECE the most. Or maybe you fall within the 44% of 18–29 years olds […]

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How much speed do you need for your favorite streaming service?

While traditional methods (antenna, cable, or satellite) remain the primary way Americans watch TV and movies, streaming services are gaining ground. The number of streaming service users spiked in 2020, and in 2021 subscriber count is still growing steadily—streaming now makes up 26% of all TV watching. Beyond streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and […]

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Survey Reveals Which Sitcom Families Americans Wish They Were Part Of

Jump to: Top Sitcom Families Americans Want to Join Survey findings Your State’s Most Searched Family Sitcom Interesting Findings Methodology About CenturyLinkQuote Americans love their favorite fictional TV families, and lately, they’ve spent a lot of time with them.  According to data from Nielsen, in 2020 there was a substantial increase in time Americans spent […]

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The Most Searched Spooky Show in Each State in 2021

Jump to:  Your State’s Most Googled Spooky Show Interesting Findings  Methodology About CenturyLinkQuote Summer is ending and fall is quickly approaching, which means cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, and, most importantly, spooky shows on TV. To welcome the season of goblins and ghouls, families across the country are looking forward to their favorite scary entertainment.  […]

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8 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

A high-speed internet plan with enough bandwidth together with a high-functioning modem/router combination lays the foundation for a sturdy Wi-Fi signal. However, even when you have great internet service, Wi-Fi connections aren’t always perfect. Signals can be blocked by walls, fail to reach far enough, or run up against other in-home problems that stall your […]

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America’s Most Searched PBS Kids Programs

PBS Kids programs have taught generations of American children everything from math and science to manners and morals, all while providing quality entertainment. Even more, Twitter users have posted over 47,000 times in the last decade about Sesame Street, showing that PBS Kids shows are still top-of-mind nationally. With the recent news that Arthur will […]

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