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Rewind through 36 viral internet trends from 2020 to 2022

The third year into a notoriously difficult decade, TikTok and other internet trends raise people’s spirits. Take a look back on the top trends of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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Each state’s most searched ’90s Christmas movie in 2022

Read our 2nd annual report on 30-year-old Christmas stories that still dance through our heads like sugar plum fairies. Hint: Macauley Culkin stars in 3 of them.

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How well do Zoomers & Boomers know each other’s music? [Survey]

Do Boomers/Zoomers know each other’s music? When does music fade from common knowledge? Is everyone more savvy thanks to TikTok and streaming? Find out here.

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10 popular musicians with epic histories on the Billboard charts

Contents: Methodology Longevity and current success of Billboard top 10 artists Interesting findings About One hundred popular musicians have been named the Greatest Artists of All Time by Billboard—and yet, “great” looks different from artist to artist depending on their chart history, career longevity, and success in the streaming age. Do all the greats have […]

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How much time do Americans spend playing video games? [Survey]

Contents Gaming habits in Americans age 16 to 54+ Interesting findings Methodology About Gen Xers and Millennials who spent time gaming as children may remember being told it was a waste of time. Today, there’s a growing consensus that time spent playing video games can build skills such as literacy, problem solving, and socializing. And, […]

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Instagram’s most famous dog makes $19–32K per post

Jump to: Breeds most likely to become Instagram dog influencers Income of the top 10 Instagram dog influencers Interesting findings Methodology About Rising to internet fame takes a lot of work—but it really helps if you have the fluffy face of Jiff the Pomeranian, the relatability of Doug the Pug, or the cutest corgi waddle […]

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