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The Most Searched Online Shopping Store by State

Gone are the days when shoppers would browse through mail-order catalogs when they wanted to peruse merchandise outside of a brick and mortar. Now, you can order milk at 2 am, find a scarf in every pattern imaginable, or purchase rare items from sellers worldwide—all thanks to online shopping.  Many people bookmark their choices for […]

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The Original Gossip Girl Characters Americans Still Love to This Day

The original cast of Gossip Girl, the beloved show from 2007 full of teens knocking back cocktails and socialite drama, has been given a run for its money with the 2021 Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max. While the original show focused on a gossip blog and flip phones, the new series has turned to […]

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82% of Americans say TV time exposes their family to diverse perspectives

Americans love their TVs. An estimated 121 million American homes have a TV. Families gather around the screen to catch up on daytime soap operas, rewatch low-budget film favorites, and binge-watch new family TV series on popular streaming services. Could all of that screen time harm family relationships? The team at CenturyLinkQuote decided to find […]

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50% of Americans say social media is good for their relationship

Follows and filters and hashtags—oh, my! As people nowadays spend an increasing amount of time on phones and electronic devices, terms such as these have weaseled their way into our everyday vocabulary. Though people tend to have mixed feelings about social media, it’s a daily habit for many. In fact, according to the Pew Research […]

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Which Next-Gen Gaming Console is America’s Favorite? Here are the Ones Americans Searched Most

The next generation of the PlayStation and Xbox are flying off shelves, and rumor has it the new and improved Nintendo Switch will release soon. For serious and casual gamers alike, this adds to the ever-evolving debate: which gaming console is the best on the market? Nintendo lovers will tell you Nintendo Switch’s upsides (flexible […]

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Americans Need Help with Their How-To’s. They’re Turning to Google For Answers.

Human curiosity never ceases. And during the last few decades, the World Wide Web has provided a platform for people to ask more questions than ever before. Most nowadays rely on a search engine and good internet network to provide answers to questions that may have once required a library visit or phone call. Now […]

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