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Fuel your home with an internet connection capable of powering multiple devices, high-frequency usage, and streaming capabilities. But what's speed without the perks? CenturyLink provides unlimited data, in-home WiFi, and non-stop customer service.

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All speeds up to 100 Mbps

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CenturyLink Internet plans right in your city

Let great speeds be your neighbor. CenturyLink Internet is available in these cities within North Carolina. Looking for more than just internet? CenturyLink plans can be combined with the following additional services:

  • Home Phone
  • TV

CenturyLink Home Phone and TV provider options

Need more than one way to stay connected? Shop CenturyLink Home Phone plans. Or combine home phone services with an internet plan in a CenturyLink bundle—all on one bill.

Want entertainment? CenturyLink has teamed up with three different TV providers to bring you the best selections possible. Ready for the whole enchilada? CenturyLink makes it possible to experience all three services when you combine Home Phone with Internet and add TV from a TV provider teamed up with CenturyLink.

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Wireless Internet: Nothing says welcome home like your WiFi connection

Your internet plan comes with up-to-date modems and routers to ensure your whole home is equipped with in-home WiFi service. So no matter where you go in your home, your WiFi will follow.

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Around the clock tech support

Available when you need them, CenturyLink tech experts are standing by to help you via chat or phone with problems that may arise with your service or account.

  • Billing help
  • Service support
  • Equipment troubleshooting

The Most Future-Focused Cities
in North Carolina

North Carolina has taken necessary steps to improve quality of life for its residents. The Tar Heel State has provided greater internet access, different modes of public transportation, and solar energy availability to its cities. There are future-focused cities left and right in North Carolina, and it’s only getting better!

What Makes a City Ready for the Future?

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Homework Gap Connectivity

North Carolina’s Homework Gap Initiative aims to lower the percentage of households without internet, to help students complete online homework that they otherwise might not be able to. A connection to the internet is useless without a computing device in the home. That is why the connectivity category takes both requirements into account, ensuring that a home with access to the internet better serves its residents.

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Access to public transportation can significantly reduce traffic and accidents, and help the city’s economy grow due to added job opportunities. Having access to buses, trains, bikes, and scooters is vital to a city's success.

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Green Infrastructure

Electric charging stations make eco-friendly car ownership more attractive to residents. Additionally, installing solar panels on a home can significantly increase sustainability and make the world a much greener place.

North Carolina cities

The Greenest and Most Connected
North Carolina Cities

  • #1 Raleigh

    Raleigh is tied for the highest score for public transportation available and has the second-highest rating (86%) for the percentage of the population with access to broadband internet. Get all the details.

  • #2 Durham

    Durham sits atop the public transportation category, tied with Raleigh, and ranks third in the green infrastructure category.

  • #3 Cary

    Cary is the most connected city in North Carolina, with nearly 94% of Cary residents having access to broadband internet.


We used three weighted categories to evaluate which North Carolina cities are committing to the vision of a better connected, more efficient city. We focused on the connectivity, modes of transportation, and green infrastructure of a city.

Homework Gap Connectivity (weight: 50):
Percent of the population with access to broadband internet and with at least one computing device.

Transportation (weight: 25):
Access to different modes of public transportation including buses, trains, public bikes, and scooters.

Green Infrastructure (weight: 25):
Number of electric car charging stations & solar installations per 100,000 residents.

Then, using this data, we ranked each city.

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