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A lot of cities and towns like to claim that there's no other place in the world with the same flavor, but in Ahoskie that is their namesake. The name is taken from a Wyanoke Native American name "Ahotsky" and it is—as they claim—the only population in the entire world that goes by this name. Like many rural, small southern towns, Ahoskie began its life as a tobacco farming community. And while it has mostly remained a rural community, this little town has some big ideas for its future.

Despite its size and remote location, this tight-knit community has invested heavily in itself, creating an infrastructure for growth by installing important, state-of-the-art institutions for fire, wastewater management, police service, and more. While looking ahead to the future, Ahoskie residents haven't made these moves by turning their backs on the past. There are several buildings and historic districts located throughout the area which are on the National Register of Historic Places and have been beautifully preserved.

While it may seem like a distraction at times, under the right circumstances high-speed internet can be an important tool for inspiring the community and keeping important traditions alive. This is why CenturyLink provides simple, easy-to-understand packaging options for internet services. Part of being honest is speaking plainly and CenturyLink makes it easy to get all the internet you need, without paying for the extras you don't. Having a tight community has been a driving force behind making Ahoskie a one-of-a-kind place in the world—beyond the moniker—just think about how high-speed internet can help you further that goal into the future.

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Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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