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Living in a town as small as South Mills definitely has its perks: You know your neighbors well. You have easy access to Williams Farm Market when you have a hankering for fresh strawberries. C&H Oyster Bar is only fifteen minutes away, so you can sample some of the best steamed shrimp and suck up oysters on the half shell. And if you're new here, you even have access to CenturyLink Internet so you can learn more about your new home.

But nothin'—and we do mean nothin'—makes South Mills as appealing as its location. It's in the very northeastern corner of North Carolina, but that doesn't mean it's missing anything. You're so close to Dismal Swamp State Park that you can practically touch it—and if you take a hike up Forest Line Road, you'll see heron, eagles, ducks, and even bears (you definitely don't want to touch the bears especially!).

Love tucking into a nice picnic after you've spent a day canoeing? Dismal Swamp has the perfect patch of grass for you to stretch out on and eat your fill. And if you have more time on a weekend, ferry over to Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. You can see gorgeous animals all year. Just you wait 'til you set your eyes on the baby ducks and turtles.

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About 2.79% of North Carolina works from home.

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Downloading large files: 35mbs

Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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