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Some people say living in the perfect neighborhood is impossible—they clearly haven't lived in Windsor, North Carolina. This community runs deep with family and historical roots that make it unlike anywhere else in the country.

Folks here say it's a lot like Andy Griffith's fictional Mayberry, North Carolina, because of the caring and loving people—after all, where else can you say hi to anyone as you walk down the street? Meet your neighbors at Bunn's Barbeque, a 100-year old local favorite featured on the popular blog, Road Food, and catch up over a cornbread sandwich—with prime Carolina barbeque and vinegar slaw inside—or a chopped plate. Or round up your friends and family and trek over to the Cashie River Treehouses where you can relax in your sleeping loft high in the forest canopy after a day of exploring the nearby river.

Care to learn more about your home's history? Hope Plantation perfectly preserves Windsor's (and North Carolina's past) to help residents remember their roots, what they lived through, and what they overcame. The Hope Mansion's Georgian and Federal architecture embodies the South, and touring the interior (you have to step out on the upper-floor balconies and see the spectacular views) lets you feel like part of the past.

Use CenturyLink Internet to check the Plantation's public hours and tour times, book a picnic pavilion at the Livermon Park and Mini-zoo, or plan any of the other countless fun things to do in Windsor. There really is "no place like home" when you live here. Enjoy every minute of it!

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Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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