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Why do you need great internet at home? Does your home office require fast, hardwired connections so you can tune in to work meetings? Do your kids clamor for more time with Phineas and Ferb on Netflix after school? Do you run your own gaming YouTube channel or freelance for online publications in your spare time? Whatever the reason you can’t live without reliable, affordable internet, CenturyLink has you covered.

When you’re looking for affordable, high-speed internet in Jacksonville, NC, turn to CenturyLink. Internet plans start at speeds up to Mbps and top out at up to 100 Mbps. Along with fast internet, you’ll enjoy the following perks:

  • Opportunities to bundle, save, and enjoy more entertainment than ever before by signing up for additional services, including DIRECTV and home phone

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Explore--and Save On--CenturyLink Prices in Your Hometown

CenturyLink internet prices start with the Basic Internet Plan. And you don’t have to sign a contract to lock in that price! Instead, even without signing a contract, you’ll enjoy the budget security and peace of mind of knowing that price will never change. And if you decide to look elsewhere for services, you’ll avoid the obnoxious, punitive fees that accompany broken contracts.

Do you have more household members than a basic internet plan can accommodate? Try the 80 Mbps plan for blazing-fast speeds and virtually lag-free downloads. Or, if you want the fastest internet CenturyLink offers in Jacksonville, go big with the 100 Mbps plan.

If you’re looking for more than just internet, CenturyLink can help:

  • Home phone through CenturyLink eliminates pesky cellular problems like dropped calls and lag time. Landline phones also work during power outages, even if cell towers in the area have gone down (power outage service requires landline home phone).

Check out the most popular CenturyLink internet deals in Jacksonville, NC below.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

$ 50

All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area.

Two great ways to buy CenturyLink

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

$ 90

Installation: What You Can Expect from CenturyLink

Once you’ve called, it’s time to install! Choose between two easy installation plans: install the equipment yourself or schedule a professional visit.

Both installation options are affordable. Self-installation, if available at your location, may be selected at no additional cost, while professional internet installation costs a one-time $60 fee. Note that CenturyLink TV installation often requires professional help.

Jacksonville’s CenturyLink FAQs

Find out more about CenturyLink by browsing the FAQs below, or visit the customer service page for even more information.

How Can I Save on CenturyLink Service in Jacksonville?

Visit the CenturyLink package deals page frequently to see which service deals are currently available in your area!

How Much Is CenturyLink Internet in Jacksonville, NC?

CenturyLink internet costs vary depending on the speed plan you choose and the type of bundle you select. Not all speeds are available in all parts of the city, so visit the availability page and enter your zip code to see which speed plans you can access today.

What Kind of Internet Is CenturyLink?

CenturyLink is broadband internet, which means CenturyLink offers high-speed internet with a wide bandwidth. CenturyLink is also a type of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet that brings internet to your house through pre-existing copper cables that were used only for phone lines in the past.

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