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Even in a state as historic as North Carolina—where the colonists of Roanoke Island famously disappeared and the ironclad CSS Neuse launched during the Civil War—Dunn stands out. Previously known as Lucknow and repopulated by citizens of nearby Averasborough fleeing a catastrophic battle at the end of the Civil War, Dunn is a historian's dream come true: You can't walk through the city without encountering a site that reminds you of its potent ties to the nation's past.

Of course, Dunn isn't just the ideal small town for historians and academics. It's produced soap opera stars (oh Angie Hubbard, we're so relieved that the Days of Our Lives reboot brought your husband back from the dead!) and military heroes alike (most notably William Lee, the commander of WWII's famous Screaming Eagles fleet). And, if you're reading this, it also attracted you.

Whether you recently moved to Dunn because of the small-town sense of community, the picturesque Southern charm, or the easy forty-minute commute to Raleigh, the city has everything you need to settle in comfortably: great eats (if you're a comfort-food fan, don't miss Ron's Barn Barbecue & Seafood), community events for the whole family (for instance, the Very Special Arts celebration ensures kids of all abilities can enjoy art), and fast, affordable internet through CenturyLink.

After all, just because your new town has six sites on the National Register of Historic Places doesn't mean your internet and entertainment options should live in the past. CenturyLink offers affordable high-speed internet plans at rates that won't change as long as you keep the same speeds at the same Dunn address. Plus, add a TV plan to your CenturyLink internet to watch quality live TV (and, since you're a true Dunn resident now, to enjoy Dr. Angie Hubbard's exploits on everyone's favorite soap opera).

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