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How much time do Americans spend playing video games? [Survey]

Contents Gaming habits in Americans age 16 to 54+ Interesting findings Methodology About Gen Xers and Millennials who spent time gaming as children may remember being told it was a waste of time. Today, there’s a growing consensus that time spent playing video games can build skills such as literacy, problem solving, and socializing. And, […]

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Instagram’s most famous dog makes $19–32K per post

Jump to: Breeds most likely to become Instagram dog influencers Income of the top 10 Instagram dog influencers Interesting findings Methodology About Rising to internet fame takes a lot of work—but it really helps if you have the fluffy face of Jiff the Pomeranian, the relatability of Doug the Pug, or the cutest corgi waddle […]

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What is the metaverse?

Plus, when it will be here—and why you should care Contents What “metaverse” means The metaverse past The metaverse present The metaverse future What can you do in the metaverse? Will you be ready for the metaverse? What would you consider using the metaverse for? [Poll] In the simplest of terms, the metaverse is a […]

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What is the best internet for working from home?

What kind of internet connection do I need to work from home? Where you live determines your best options for work-from-home internet. Where available, fiber internet generally has the best possible specs for browsing, email, cloud applications, video calls, and VoIP phone service. In areas that don’t have fiber yet, you can still get valuable […]

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Could TV Characters Afford their Outfits IRL?

Contents  Are TV Outfits Actually Affordable? Interesting Findings Methodology About You might be surprised how lavish the budget gets for TV show outfits. Glance at, the most extensive database of outfits worn on TV, and you’ll see the numbers add up fast. Can’t afford the iconic “lewks” of your favorite TV stars? (Hello, inflation!) […]

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Your State’s Relationship Questions Revealed

Jump to: Your State’s Most-Googled Relationship Question MapMost Popular Relationship QueriesMethodologyAbout CenturyLinkQuote If 2020 was the year we all stayed inside, 2021 was the year we all started to go out again. Social gatherings, family parties, and blind dates returned, forcing people to relearn how to interact with others in person. Little wonder people turned […]

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