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Instagram’s most famous dog makes $19–32K per post

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Zoi Walker

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Rising to internet fame takes a lot of work—but it really helps if you have the fluffy face of Jiff the Pomeranian, the relatability of Doug the Pug, or the cutest corgi waddle in the canine kingdom.

Among thousands of famous dogs on Instagram, only a few earn the top payouts and sponsor deals. Most of these top dogs lever their Insta fame into additional career opportunities, such as opening online storefronts or acting in movies or TV.

The team at centurylinkquote.com wanted to know if certain dog breeds get more attention at the top. We found that small dogs have the edge—but breeding aside, being adorable is really what’s most important. See what else we found out about the most famous dog influencers on Instagram.

Breeds most likely to become Instagram dog influencers

Income of the top 10 Instagram dog influencers

Instagram handles and account names are subject to change based on account owner preference.

Interesting findings

  • The most popular Instagram dog influencer, Jiff the Pomeranian (@jiffpom), has recently been sponsored by Just Right Pet Food, Farmville, and Far Cry Game. For just one post, Jiff can make as much as $32,564.
  • The second most famous Instagram dog influencer, Doug (@itsdougthepug), has sponsorships from Grounds and Hounds, a coffee company that supports rescues nationwide. Doug also has a business, Doug the Pug Store, where you can shop for pug merch and support Doug’s foundation for children with life-threatening illnesses.
  • Tucker the golden retriever (@tuckerbudzyn) has sponsorships from Boutique Rugs, Air Doctor, and ButcherBox. Tucker also has an online store and a YouTube channel that he shares with his mom, Courtney, and his son Todd (named by Tucker himself).
  • Maru the Japanese Shiba (@marutaru) and his owner, Shinjiro, help teach Japanese culture to their 80% foreign fan base. Maru has an online shop where you can buy coffee mugs, t-shirts, and key chains.
  • Famous rescue Henry (@henrythecoloradodog), who passed from cancer in early 2022, shared his popular Instagram account with his brother Baloo, a rescued cat. Before he passed, his parents found via DNA testing that he is 43% American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • The famous Russian bulldog Карамелька, which means “Caramel” in English, has 2.1M followers. Caramel (@tecuaniventura) has been sponsored by Pedigree, Olimp Sport, Teploluxe Russia, and Pet Story Russia.
  • Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart), a Chiweenie dog with 2M followers, is famous for his costumes, including unicorn, panda, superhero, mailman, and Santa Claus. Tuna made a cameo on the Disney+ show The World According to Jeff Goldblum (season 2, episode 5).
  • Loki (@loki), a beautiful husky from Denver, Colorado, was sponsored by the movie Dog, starring famous heartthrob Channing Tatum. Loki also has his own business where you can buy apparel, dog accessories, prints, CBD tinctures, and Adobe Lightroom presets.
  • Maya the Samoyed (@mayapolarbear) is a quintuple-threat influencer with millions of followers on three additional platforms: TikTok (5.5M), YouTube (1.88M), and Facebook (1.3M). She also boasts thousands of followers on Twitter (192.7K).
  • Shih tzu Marnie (@marniethedog), known for her lolling tongue, passed away in 2020—but her account maintains a strong following. Marnie has shared her Instagram spotlight with major celebrities including Demi Lovato, Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, Betty White, and Bob Saget.


To find the most famous dog influencers on Instagram, the team at centurylinkquote.com compiled a list of 109 dog-focused accounts that met the following qualifications: (1) had at least 50,000 Instagram followers, (2) featured no more than 2 dogs of the same breed, and (3) posted consistently within the last 12 months.

We then captured data on account characteristics including the number of followers, sponsorships from the most recent 10–20 posts, and the corresponding payouts based on Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator.


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