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Shippensburg is the kind of town that's surprisingly packed with things to do, despite its small size. The rural area is near several major cities like Washington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. However, you still get that hometown feel where people care about their community, including newcomers. In fact, Shippensburg is the oldest community in Cumberland Valley.

Activities include large fairs and festivals such as the Shippensburg Community Fair, Corn Festival, and Beer and Wine Festival. However, there's plenty of everyday fun too. You can join a rec sports team or take a library tour to learn about the unique history and architecture. Or, get outside and hike or bike the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail. Pro tip: there's also the Cumberland Valley Beer Trail. You're welcome.

Part of the plethora of activities is because Shippensburg is a college town. Support the local economy by enjoying entertainment at the Luhrs Center, located right on campus. There's something for everyone. Choose from options like Broadway performances, symphonies and orchestras, comedians, dance performances, concerts, and more.

Sometimes, you just need a night in. Your couch is calling your name after a long day at work or school. Time to settle in for a Netflix® marathon. With CenturyLink, you can expect fast and reliable internet. That means your show won't start to buffer at the best part. Nothing is stopping your binge session now—unless you haven't disabled those pesky "Are you still watching?" notifications.

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