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For more than two hundred years, Greencastle, PA has stood participating in the history of the United States as it came to be, as it grew into an industrial power, as it was divided by Civil War, as it came back together. Today, the rich heritage of Greencastle continues as the town grows, with more people living there than ever before. Greencastle maintains a small-town feel even as it grows, with the triennial Old Home Week a tradition since 1902 bringing past and present residents of Greencastle together to reminisce.

Keeping in touch nowadays is easier than ever before, however. You don't have to wait for Old Home Week to stay connected to past and present residents of your hometown, be it Greencastle or anywhere else. Now you can connect using social media, email, and other forms of electronic communication with CenturyLink internet. This high-speed internet service is now available in Greencastle and surrounding areas, bringing you the ability to keep connected, along with plenty of additional benefits, including streaming TV shows and movies, listening to music online, even playing games online. And Price for Life makes sure your bill stays the same each month as long as you stay at the same Greencastle address. Online, every week can be Old Home Week, with CenturyLink internet.

CenturyLink Internet Packages in Greencastle

Price For Life Internet Up to 100 Mbps

$ 49

All speeds up to 100 Mbps
Speed may not be available in your area.

Working From Home?

2.20% of Greencastle residents work from the comfort of their home.

Accomplish More Work in Your Greencastle Home

Downloading large files: 35mbs

Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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