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Life on an army base as storied as Fort Stewart, Georgia is fascinating. As well as being the biggest base this side of the Mississippi, Fort Stewart's history stretches back decades—not quite as far as the Revolutionary War, though it was named for a local hero who helped turn the tide. During WWII, Fort Stewart hosted Italian and German POWs captured in North Africa—one assumes a high level of culture shock for the prisoners and locals alike—and served as a training base for a squadron of gender-norm-defying WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots).

The base has seen its soldiers through WWII, the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and beyond. Today, it hosts 11,000 soldiers and their families, and like every army base, it's fully equipped with everything you need to carve out a comfy life without leaving the area, from grocery stores and laundromats to bowling alleys and a thrift shop.

Still, life on the base can get monotonous. You can leave every once in a while for a weekend trip to Savannah (the base even offers a free shuttle!) or enjoy a fun night at The Ice Cream Stop watching family-friendly movies with the kids, but what about the rest of your time off?

When you need total entertainment without leaving Fort Stewart, turn to CenturyLink. TV packages give you a range of local and national channels so you can keep up on sports in between watches or catch all the recent releases you didn't have time to see in theaters.

Plus, CenturyLink high-speed internet gives you speeds up to 20 Mbps—or more, in some areas—which makes it easy for you to tackle your online GI Bill college courses without worrying about slowdowns or poor wireless connections.

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