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Fuel your home with an internet connection capable of powering multiple devices, high-frequency usage, and streaming capabilities. But what’s speed without the perks? CenturyLink provides unlimited data, in-home WiFi, and non-stop customer service.

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Speed may not be available in your area. Maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection.

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CenturyLink Internet plans right in your city

Let great speeds be your neighbor. CenturyLink Internet is available in these cities within Georgia. Looking for more than just internet? CenturyLink plans can be combined with the following additional services:

  • Home Phone
  • TV

CenturyLink Home Phone and TV provider options

Need more than one way to stay connected? Shop CenturyLink Home Phone plans. Or combine home phone services with an internet plan in a CenturyLink bundle—all on one bill.

Want entertainment? CenturyLink has teamed up with three different TV providers to bring you the best selections possible. Ready for the whole enchilada? CenturyLink makes it possible to experience all three services when you combine Home Phone with Internet and add TV from a TV provider teamed up with CenturyLink.

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Wireless Internet: Nothing says welcome home like your WiFi connection

Your internet plan comes with up-to-date modems and routers to ensure your whole home is equipped with in-home WiFi service. So no matter where you go in your home, your WiFi will follow.

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Around the clock tech support

Available when you need them, CenturyLink tech experts are standing by to help you via chat or phone with problems that may arise with your service or account.

  • Billing help
  • Service support
  • Equipment troubleshooting

The Most Future-Focused Cities in Georgia

Georgia, a leader when it comes to forward-thinking, sustainable states, has provided greater internet access to its residents, along with different modes of public transportation. In addition, the state makes widespread use of solar energy.

What Makes a City Ready for the Future?

green tv


A city’s connectivity score measures the percent of its population that have access to some form of high-speed internet, as well as at least one computing device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

green bus


The more public transportation options a city offers, the more the city combats greenhouse gas emissions as a result of traffic.

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Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure draws on sustainable technology to ensure a more economical, environmental-friendly future. Solar installations, or solar panels, use energy from the sun to generate electricity. Electric charging stations charge electric cars, which mitigate the need for car owners to drive only gas-fueled vehicles.

The Greenest and Most Connected Cities in your State

The Greenest and Most Connected Georgia Cities

  • #1 Atlanta

    Atlanta has the highest number of electric charging stations on our list of Georgia cities: 145.88 per 100,000 residents. 88.40% of Atlanta’s population has access to a connected device, and 78.09% of its population is connected to a broadband connection.

  • #2 Augusta

    Augusta has high numbers across the board. 84.71% of its population use at least one computing device and 72.31% of its population have access to a broadband connection. Plus, the city has 78.14 solar installations per 100,000 residents and 18.47 electric charging stations per 100,000 residents.

  • #3 Columbus

    Of all the cities on our list, Columbus has the highest number of solar installations: 292.08 per 100,000 residents. Also, Columbus offers three types of public transit.

  • #4 Macon

    With 113.77 solar installations per 100,000 residents littered throughout the city, Macon has one of the most impressive green infrastructures of any city in Georgia. To add to that, Macon also has 22.41 electric charging stations per 100,000 residents.

  • #5 Savannah

    Over 87% (87.50%) of Savannah’s population have access to a computing device. Plus, nearly 80% (77.92%) have access to a broadband connection.

  • #6 Athens

    90.15% of Athens’ population has access to at least one computing device. And for those with connected cars, finding an electric charging station shouldn’t be difficult: the city has 34.26 per 100,000 residents.

  • #7 Sandy Springs

    Sandy Springs is one of few cities on our list with over 90% of its population connected to both computing devices (95.67%) and a broadband connection (90.33%).

  • #8 South Fulton

    93.55% of South Fulton’s population has access to at least one computing device—which is incredibly high. 83.78% of its population also has access to broadband connection, which is also impressive, especially compared to other cities in Georgia.

  • #9 Roswell

    Roswell has a boastworthy number of solar installations in its city: 162.65 per 100,000 residents. Also, 96.20% of its population is connected to a computing device. 90.94% of its population has access to a broadband connection.

  • #10 Johns Creek

    Johns Creek may be at the bottom of the top ten, but 98.29% of its population have access to a computing device—which is more than any other city on our list. The city also boasts the highest percentage of its population with access to a broadband connection: 95.47%.


We weighed three factors to evaluate which Georgia cities are committed to making its cities better connected and more efficient: connectivity, transportation, and green infrastructure.

Connectivity (50%):

Percent of households with at least one computing device (e.g., laptop, smartphone, etc.) and percent of households with access to broadband internet.

Transportation (25%):

Access to different modes of public transportation including buses, trains, public bikes, and electric scooters.

Green Infrastructure (25%):

Number of electric car charging stations and solar installations per 100,000 residents.

Safest States for Kids Online: Georgia Ranks #8

Between the below average rate of internet crime victims and above average number of cyberbullying laws, it’s no surprise The Peach State sits in the top 10 Safest States for Kids Online.

What Makes Georgia Safe for Kids Online?

cyberbullying icon

Cyberbullying and Sexting Laws

The average state in America has about 8 cyberbullying and sexting laws, but Georgia has 11, proving just how seriously they take minor safety.

internet crimes icon

Internet Crimes Against Children

Georgia falls well below the national average number of childhood victims of internet crime—the state has 2.5 victims per 100,000 people compared to 3.35 nationwide.

malware icon


With only 1 victim per 100,000 people, Georgia excels at protecting residents from malware.


We analyzed all states in the United States including the District of Columbia and adjusted our data to reflect the state population under 20 years old. To achieve our final ranking, we created a weighted score based on the number of internet crime victims (25%), internet crimes against children (40%), malware victims (10%), and cyberbullying and sexting laws (25%). The data for each category came from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, United State Census, and the Cyberbullying Research Center’s Bullying Laws database.

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