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To some people, Dover may seem like just another rural town in Arkansas. But it's a unique community complete with local businesses and mysterious stories.

Drewry Farm and Orchards is a Dover gem. It's got things you'd expect: educational tours, seasonal produce, and honey straight from the hive. But breakfast and the bakery really shine. Nancy will take good care of y'all.

Order farm fresh eggs with some healthy waffles. Wait, healthy? That's right. You're not gonna find country cooking with low-carb, gluten-free, and keto options anywhere else. The keto bread is a bakery favorite. And you won't be able to resist some keto ice cream or homemade salsa when you pick up your order.

And Dover even has a local legend: the phenomenon called the Dover Lights. These strange lights (almost like lanterns or flashlights) have appeared in a remote valley just outside town for years.

Some think it's a hoax. Others swear it's real. Regardless, no one can deny the forested area doesn't have electricity, homes, or easy accessibility. It's quite the drive, even for ATVs.

There are Facebook pages, videos, and websites dedicated to discussing the lights. That's where CenturyLink internet comes in. Affordable plans let you get in on the speculating. Do you think they're miners' ghosts? Perhaps you believe the tale about the doctor searching for silver? Share your stories online and maybe we'll solve the mystery one day.

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