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Top 8 Reasons Why You Need A Landline Phone

Last Updated on September 23, 2021 by

When To Purchase A Landline

Having a fast and reliable Internet connection can really boost your day-to-day productivity, especially when considering that you can bundle Internet with other home services like VoIP phones. However, this begs the question: do you still need a landline phone? This can be especially confusing if you already have a cellphone plan. So then, what exactly is the answer? Here are the Top 8 Reasons You Need A Landline Phone.

Let 911 Find You

When you call from a landline, 911 should be able to pinpoint your location almost immediately. When you call from a cell phone, it is more likely that 911 will have trouble locating you. This is critical in times where 911 needs to find you. Landlines typically do a great job of providing 911 with accurate data and allow you to get the help you need faster.

Connect Your Security System

When you connect your security system to a landline phone, the system can still operate in a power outage but would need battery back up to operate if you lost cell or Internet service. Most cell phones, depending on the type of phone you have, have limited amount of battery ranging from 4-12 hours. By having a landline, you keep yourself protected for the duration of a power outage.

Stay In Touch During Emergencies

Landlines may still work during a power outage, storm, or natural disaster. Also, if cell service is disrupted, your home phone may provide another option for communication. This is one of the key focuses for landline phones. It is not reliant upon energy but rather the wiring it is connected to in order to operate.

Avoid Spotty Signals

With a home phone, you’ll almost never experience dropped calls. Landlines have clear signals, often making it a preferable option for the hard of hearing.

Cheaper International Options

With international calling plan options, international calls on a landline home phone may be much cheaper than on a cell phone—you don’t want to see your cell phone bill after you make a call out of the country.

Conserve Cell Minutes

If you’re tired of paying for minutes you don’t use, or if you constantly go over your minutes, a landline can help cut down your cell phone bill.

Share A Family Phone

Getting your kids a cell phone can be expensive and impractical. Let them talk to their hearts’ content on a landline—you’ll save yourself stress and money.

Your Children’s Safety

If you have children who don’t have cell phones, but are old enough to be home alone or with a babysitter, then you should get a landline. If there is an emergency, then your kids or the babysitter can call 911 or contact you if they need to.

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