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Progress and preservation are the two "P"s of South Boston, VA, today. Progress in continuing to grow the town economically, with plenty of opportunity for every resident, and preservation of South Boston, VA's extensive history. Formerly known as Boyd's Ferry, South Boston, VA was named for Boston, MA, in 1796. The town moved from its original location due to flooding dangers to where it stands today, becoming an important trading spot for tobacco in the 1800s—so important, in fact, that it was home to the National Tobacco Festival until it was swallowed up—or chewed up and spit out, to correct the metaphor—by the larger Richmond, VA, where it is held today.

Preservation of history means the protection of many places in town on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Berry Hill Plantation and the Reedy Creek Site. Progress means the latest in up-to-date services in town, including high-speed internet available now from CenturyLink. CenturyLink high-speed internet in South Boston, VA is fast enough for streaming TV, movies, and music, playing games online, and a whole lot more.

So head down to the Historic District and see the sights, and then come back home and binge-watch your favorite show. It's all in a day's progress and preservation in South Boston, VA.

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