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Have you been with the same cable provider for years and decided it’s time for a change? Are you moving to another Stephenville home or apartment? If so, it’s time to start thinking about CenturyLink.

CenturyLink has everything a Stephenville homeowner, individual, or apartment-dweller needs to stay connected in the modern age. Affordable internet plans? Check. Bundled packages that let you save on standalone services? Check. Easy hookups, friendly customer service, and fast upload speeds? Check, check, and check.

CenturyLink is the top Internet provider in Stephenville–so what are you waiting for? Make the switch today to get speeds up to 80 Mbps depending on your area, great customer care–including from the CenturyLink retail supply in Stephenville, TX–and easy self-installation.

When you make the switch to CenturyLink, your Internet will also be more affordable than ever. Get the scoop on CenturyLink specials and bundles!

CenturyLink Internet


Love Your Speed and Price

Whatever your budget, there are CenturyLink plans for you. Are you a Tarleton State student? Get up to Mbps High-Speed Internet so you can take care of your assignments and hit up social media whenever you want to. If you’re the parent of teens and small kids, invest in an up to 80 Mbps Internet plan so you can take care of your online tasks simultaneously.

Wondering which package to choose? Check out the most popular service bundles and CenturyLink Internet packages in Stephenville. You can also learn more about CenturyLink Internet deals on the high-speed Internet page.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

$ 50

All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area.

Two great ways to buy CenturyLink

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

$ 90

What to Expect Once You’ve Ordered

Usually, you can schedule a professional installation within a week of ordering, but when you call, let us know about your expectations—when are you free, and what would be the most convenient time for us to visit?

While an adult must be present while the installation takes place, the process shouldn’t take more than an hour at most, and at the end of the process your high-speed Internet will be all ready to go.

Alternatively, you can set up your new Internet on your own. Just follow the easy installation guide and activate your new Internet plan on your own schedule. Usually, installing CenturyLink on your own is simple—you shouldn’t run into any problems, but if you do, feel free to call one of the CenturyLink customer care numbers. Self installation, if available at your location, may be selected.

Stephenville Residents’ Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find answers to some of the questions Stephenville residents ask the most about CenturyLink. Have other questions about how CenturyLink can work for you? Visit the FAQ page.

What Is CenturyLink?

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country, CenturyLink provides high-speed Internet and phone and TV services in certain areas located in 33 states.

CenturyLink currently offers up to Fiber Internet and DIRECTV in select cities.

Does CenturyLink Offer Home Phone Service in Stephenville?

Yes! When you get CenturyLink phone service in Stephenville, you can look forward to eliminating dropped calls and easily, affordably connecting with family members across the city or country.

Bundle your home phone with your Internet to save even more than you already are on both services. You can check on which services are available in your neighborhood by entering your zip code on the availability page.

Can I Bundle CenturyLink Phone and Internet Services?

Yes. Bundling CenturyLink phone and Internet services comes with great perks, like paying less for a bundle than you would on two standalone services. CenturyLink bundles also mean you pay one convenient bill–much easier to keep track of!

You can learn more about bundling your phone and Internet services on the CenturyLink bundles page.

What Equipment Do I Need for CenturyLink in Stephenville?

To start, you’ll need a modem, which is a device that modulates the signal from the wider internet so it can communicate with your personal computer. You can rent or purchase a modem from CenturyLink.

Next, you’ll need a router, which allows you to set up a Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. Sometimes, modems and routers come as one combined device.

Apart from that, you shouldn’t need much else! Your CenturyLink home services should keep you and your wallet happy–and don’t forget you can reach out for help any time.

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