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New Caney may be listed as an unincorporated area in Montgomery County, but over the last century unincorporated New Caney has actually grown to be quite large, with a population surpassing the 20,000 mark. While not as large or well-known as neighboring metropolises like Houston, New Caney has a lot of the big-city amenities that most folks value, without the accompanying hassles that most folks don't.

Compared to the larger desert areas of Texas, the landscape around New Caney has a relatively milder temperature with enough precipitation to support forest areas and grasslands. Residents enjoy a close proximity to Lake Houston Wilderness Park which offers over 4000 acres of natural terrain for outdoor activities. And in 2020 the new Grand Texas Theme Park will open in Caney, offering locals more exciting opportunities to get out of the house, while also boosting the local economy with tourist traffic.

After being in the telecommunications industry for over 50 years, CenturyLink understands both the importance of looking forward to the future and holding on to the traditions of the past. Just like New Caney remembers important people like Floyd C. Overall on the downtown sign and Emily Perkinson on the New Caney High School sign, CenturyLink holds onto good business practices like having simple package and pricing plans. And just like New Caney presses forward with the Grand Texas Theme Park to drive new opportunities for the future, CenturyLink will always be looking to the horizon for the next innovations in high-speed internet access.

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