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Back before Malakoff had a post office, depending on who you asked, people knew this community by Caney Creek, for the grist mill, or Mitcham Chapel, for the methodist church. But when residents petitioned for a post office under the name of Mitcham, they were told there was another town of that name in Texas. The government suggested "Malakoff" after a famous battle in the recent Crimean War. The residents agreed, and in 1885 town received permission for a post office.

Like many towns in Texas, residents discovered valuable fossil fuel in the soil in 1912, in this case Lignite coal. Soon mining became the dominant industry in Malakoff as well as the rest of Henderson County. Most of the mines have now closed, but miners from the Texas Power and Light Company hold a reunion every five years to stay in touch.

Malakoff hosts a cornbread festival every year, as tribute to the grist mill that started it all. And unlike the Athens folk who pair their cornbread with black-eyed peas, in Malakoff pinto beans are the chosen addition.

To find your next best cornbread recipe or how to properly make pinto beans and don't have a secret family recipe to rely on, you need CenturyLink Internet in your life. Search and find what you're looking for with blazing fast Internet from CenturyLink. And maybe this year your cornbread will win the blue ribbon.

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