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What You Can Do with CenturyLink Internet in Pleasant Hill

There's something awful about the internet here in Pleasant Hill.

Like, literally.

As ironic as it might sound, Pleasant Hill is actually the headquarters of the darkly humorous website SomethingAwful.com, where internet users from all over the world can find satirical articles on pretty much everything from current events to video games. And believe it or not, Something Awful has been on the internet nearly as long as, well, the internet's been on the internet, which for better or worse kinda helps cement Pleasant Hill's status as a landmark along the trail of cyber-history.

Now, if you're from Pleasant Hill, dark humor may or may not exactly be your thing. And if that's the case, that's A-OK. Fortunately, there's at least one thing about the internet in Pleasant Hill that actually lives up to the town's name, and that thing is CenturyLink.

With multiple Simply Unlimited internet plans to choose from, CenturyLink offers something for virtually everyone in Pleasant Hill to love. Sports fan? Stream the Royals or the Chiefs game live online. TV lover? Binge all your favorite shows on Netflix® or Hulu®. Like reading snarky, sarcastic reviews of those same favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu? Well, you now know where to go for that sort of thing.

So, whether you prefer to explore the dark side or the more pleasant side of the internet, make sure to get connected today with CenturyLink!

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