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Kirbyville, MO is a small town with a big impact. Just to the north of the town proper sits Snapp's Bald, an Ozark bald-topped mountain where the Bald Knobbers, a vigilante gang who set out to protect the nearby area from Confederate sympathizers during the Reconstruction, first organized. The group had a major impact on Missouri history, and since then, popular culture as well, as the musical revue named for the group, the Baldknobbers (one word instead of two) helped turn nearby Branson, MO, into a country music tourist destination.

While the Bald Knobbers (two word version) may be a thing of the past, the self-sufficient attitude of such groups is still present in Kirbyville and surrounding towns. This is a place that people call home and they make it the way they like it, keeping it traditional and down-home while keeping an eye on the future. That's where CenturyLink internet comes in. This high-speed internet service brings the same level of service you'd experience in a larger city to this small town, enabling the same educational and economic opportunities to reach a place they might not have a generation ago. Kids can do the research they need to in order to do their homework online. It's easy to apply to jobs online. And if you don't feel like a trip to Branson for entertainment, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows too.

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