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Quaint river towns dot the banks of the muddy Mississippi. Canton, MO, is one of many, but even from on the water one can tell there's something different about it. While floods ravaged many similar towns on both sides of the river in the 1970s, 1993, and once again in 2008, Canton's levees held, preserving the historic downtown and casting it as a town out of time, vibrant today but with its history intact.

And what history! In 1853 Christian University, now known as Culver-Stockton College, became the first higher-learning institution west of the Mississippi chartered for both men and women. During the Civil War, Canton's importance as an entrepot made it a key recruiting destination for both Northern and Southern factions. Lock and Dam no. 20, completed in 1935, is still in operation and has been essential for Mississippi River commerce for more than 80 years.

Canton isn't just some historical artifact, however. The town has plenty of life to it, and maintains its relationship with the past while looking forward into the future. Among the modern accoutrements now part of Canton's lifeblood is CenturyLink high-speed internet, bringing web speeds fast enough to stream TV, movies, and music, play games online, and work remotely. It may not move as fast as the Mississippi in May, but it's fast enough.

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Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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