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Shalimar. The name conjures to mind the beautiful gardens of the Mughal Empire in what is now current-day Pakistan and India, lush green areas with an aura of paradise. Shalimar, FL is such a place. By the beautiful water, Shalimar sits adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, where the seas are warm year-round and the snowbirds flock from up north to escape the harsh winters.

The Gulf is a popular spring break destination for many, but Shalimar has managed to escape such an invasion, making this particular paradise a little more private. It's quiet around these parts, a well-kept secret. One that's best kept that way. After all, you want to keep this place to yourself.

And what a place. From the nearby Choctawhatchee Bay to Santa Rosa Sound, this is a fisherman's paradise whether you have your own boat or want to charter one for the day. When the fish aren't biting, you can tee off at the country club. Or you can stay home and enjoy some of your favorite shows, streamed without lagging or buffering, with CenturyLink high-speed internet, available now in Shalimar, FL. Even if you like to take life in Shalimar at a leisurely pace, your internet doesn't have to.

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Did you know 2.13% of residents around Shalimar work from home?

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Downloading large files: 35mbs

Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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