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If you're new here, it's understandable to think a town with only two main roads (Main Street and Catfish Creek) and one noteworthy area on Google Maps (the Toby the Clown Foundation—more on that later) can't possibly be called America's Most Interesting Town. But the 2012 Reader's Digest subscribers who awarded the title and the thousands of Sunshine Staters who call this place home disagree with you. Strongly.

If you want a happy life here, get on board with the pleasures of this off-the-beaten-path town—there's no shortage of fascinating local treasures for you to explore.

Let's start with some local color—specifically, pink and green, the two colors you're most likely to see during the yearly Caladium Festival. Lake Placid grows just shy of 100% of the world's caladiums, or large, beautiful South American flowers known as Heart of Jesus. Thanks to the murals that bedeck every downtown building, the city is colorful and bright all year long, and the Lake Placid Tower offers such a beautiful panoramic view that it's easy to understand its old name of Happiness Tower.

Only one group of people have anything to dislike about Lake Placid: those with coulrophobia, or the irrational fear of clowns. The Toby the Clown Foundation is a clown school, drawing would-be clowns of all ages from around the country. If the clown murals, clown museum, and frequent appearance of practicing clowns at local events forces you, shaking, behind locked doors, that's okay: CenturyLink proudly offers Lake Placid residents blazing-fast internet with comprehensive TV packages. As long as you steer clear of It, CenturyLink can help you find many other sites and activities to keep you happy in Lake Placid.

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