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Fruitland Park may have been named for its citrus groves, but today, the area is better known for its trees than its fruit—rather, for one tree in particular: the aptly named Mammoth Live Oak Tree. As the second-oldest oak tree in the state, the Mammoth is at least four centuries old. Its sturdy trunk and broad, sheltering branches draw tourists from Florida and the rest of the nation all year long.

The trees aren't the only mammoth-sized things about Fruitland Park. For starters, Lake Griffin State Park, which hosts the Mammoth tree, spans an impressive 600+ acres and has opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, camping, hiking, and even pontoon boat tours. The Rose Plantation serves up outsize flavors and incredible ambiance—locals love the homemade cherry pie and filet mignon (reservations and evening dress are recommended for dinner). And nature lovers can head to one of many nearby nature preserves that recall the city's original name, Gardenia, including the Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve and the Flat Island Preserve.

Need something else to do in Fruitland Park? CenturyLink Internet offers whopping good deals on high-speed internet. With plans that provide astonishingly fast speeds, you can easily hop online to find the next leviathan locale to explore in Fruitland Park.

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