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Look, no one's claiming other American cities aren't patriotic....but we're among friends here, right? So there's no harm in saying what Crestview residents already know: when it comes to American values like patriotism and honoring the military, Crestview is a cut above the rest.

For one thing, Eglin Air Force Base is just a few miles outside town. For another, the Crestview Fourth of July celebration is out of this world thanks to the fireworks display and band program at Twin Hills Park. And with the Air Force Armament Museum (located on Eglin AFB) and the nearby Indian Temple Mound Museum & Park, you get to enjoy some of the most fascinating aspects of North American and US history without traveling more than a few miles.

Of course, in today's world, you don't have to leave your home to celebrate your favorite things about America—especially if you have CenturyLink internet. If you've exhausted your local museum and beachside visits for the day, sit back, relax, and let CenturyLink connect you to your favorite patriotic entertainment options without making you lift more than a finger.

Whether you prefer streaming Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers on Amazon Prime™ or watching the nation's biggest Fourth of July celebrations on live TV, a CenturyLink internet in Crestview will connect you to the rest of the nation—and do it all without breaking your budget.

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