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Many people that work in the industrial hub of Crestview, in Okaloosa kick up their heels and rest their heads in Baker, Florida. Just 10 miles northwest of Crestview, Baker is a community that proves that you don't have to be officially a town to have charm and appeal.

Baker as we know it today, started when a young engineer and stockholder in Bagdad Lumber Co. married the daughter of a successful Reverend named R. G. Baker. Baker invested in Newton's merentile and Newton in turn changed the name of this little hamlet from Cobb to Baker in 1912. Before WWII, the economy of Baker relied on raising cattle, herding sheep, logging, harvesting pine resin, and manufacturing turpentine for the navy.

Since the war, people in Baker, like many other people from farming towns before it, have updated their skill sets for a more modern, industrial world. Residents of Baker, now primarily commute to Crestview, and other cities, for work in the aviation, aerospace, manufacturing and defense businesses.

As a resident and worker in a county that relies so heavily on technology for its economy, it's practically required that you and your stay up to date with all the newest industry news and have access to relevant information at your fingertips. With Internet from CenturyLink, you will get fast Internet with virtually no lag time. Which means you and your family will always be ahead of the curve.

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