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In Apopka, you're never more than a few miles from the best attractions in the Sunshine State. Kids whining that there's nothing to do once screen time is up? Check Google Maps; if 429 is clear, you're only a hop, skip, and a jump away from a day of Disney World fun. Looking for something a little more educational? Check the web for the next Kennedy Space Center launch (unlike most of the country, you're just an hour away—here's hoping you take advantage often).

To make the magic happen, you need a sturdy internet connection—and when the occasional rainy day (or unwelcome visits from Hurricanes Irma, Matthew, and their brood of angry cousins) rolls in, the internet had better be pretty fantastic to make up for the outdoor glories you're missing out on.

Enter CenturyLink. When you're settling in for a hurricane-sponsored evening (Hurricane Grill and Wings, that is) with one of your favorite Floridian comedies (Fresh Off the Boat, anyone?), your CenturyLink internet plan paves the way for a night as entertaining as as Florida's parks and attractions.

Of course, life in Apopka is all about growth: growing into a new city center, expanding the city's connections to state roads, and protecting nature's growth with the Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail and Avian Reconditioning Center. Don't be afraid to choose an internet plan you can grow into, too: with CenturyLink speeds as fast as 80 Mbps in some neighborhoods, there's nothing to stop you from making your digital world as expansive as the view from the lakeshore.

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