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Upgrade to High Speeds in Colorado Springs with CenturyLink

With its gorgeous sunny weather, beautiful scenery, and long list of national forests and trails, Colorado Springs offers its residents plenty of reasons to get outdoors. But when the winter snow keeps you indoors or you need to rest, relax, or work at home, CenturyLink has you covered. With speeds of up to Mbps and more, CenturyLink internet gives Colorado Springs, CO residents the bandwidth they need to take care of any online tasks, any time.

High-speed internet isn’t the only service CenturyLink offers in Colorado Springs, though. Get home phone services that reduce dropped calls and DIRECTV service that includes On Demand TV shows, DVRs for multiple rooms in your house, and on-the-go options with the mobile app.

If you’re tired of getting the same slow speeds from other Colorado Springs internet service providers, it’s time to make the switch. CenturyLink is available in certain areas located in 33 states across the U.S., including Colorado, so why wait? Bring CenturyLink internet, home phone, and TV services directly to your home in Colorado Springs, CO today.

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Choose an Internet Package that Fits Your High-Speed, High-Altitude Lifestyle

Whether you live in East Colorado Springs or in the picturesque Briargate neighborhood, you and your family members need high-speed internet. How else would you pay your bills online, stream the best new television, or keep in touch with friends? Fortunately, CenturyLink has you covered with speeds that range from up to Mbps and on up. The right speed for you depends on how many people live in your Colorado Springs, CO home and how often they log on:

  • Up to Mpbs: Choose this speed if you have a small household with members who connect only one to two devices each. 20 to 25 Mbps should be more than enough bandwidth for you to stream shows in high definition and load pages quickly.
  • Up to 80 Mpbs: Choose this speed if you have a larger household with members who spend a lot of time online and connect multiple devices each. Speeds this high are perfect for gamers who need to eliminate lag time when they play online.
  • Up to 100 Mpbs: Choose this speed if you have a large household with members who spend the majority of their time at home online. 100 Mbps allows you to stream in even higher definition (Ultra or 4k) and it can handle multiple users streaming large amounts of data simultaneously.

No matter which package you choose, you can look forward to the CenturyLink Simply Unlimited promise: your price will never go up the entire time you use your services on the same property—and you don’t even have to sign a contract to lock in that great price!

Want more than high-speed internet alone? No problem. Add DIRECTV services to enjoy your favorite local Colorado Springs programming, including the best local news programming, plus nationwide channels like Nickelodeon for the kids, TNT for the movie buffs, and the NFL Network for the sports fans—depending on the package you choose.

Sick of dropped cell phone calls? Add home phone services to benefit from hard-wired phone lines instead of potentially less-reliable mobile phones.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

$ 50

All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area.

Two great ways to buy CenturyLink

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

$ 90

You’ve Ordered Your CenturyLink Services—Now What?

When you call to order your CenturyLink services, the CenturyLink customer service representative you talk to should schedule a time for a technician to visit your house, install the equipment, and activate your internet, TV, and home phone services. An adult must be present at home for the technician to perform the installation, but the process itself shouldn’t take too much of your time—professional installation is simple and easy!

Alternatively, self installation, if available at your location, may be selected. You can go directly to the CenturyLink website to find thorough instructions on installing your internet equipment yourself. If you have the time and inclination, and if you know your home is already wired for CenturyLink internet, feel free to perform the installation yourself! If you have questions, a CenturyLink representative is only a phone call away.

Most-Asked Questions from Colorado Springs, CO Customers

How Much Is CenturyLink?

The cost of CenturyLink internet, home phone, and television services depends on which services, speeds, and plans you choose.

Get in touch with a CenturyLink representative to learn more about our plans and how to find the right services and speeds for your household, budget, and lifestyle.

What Is CenturyLink?

CenturyLink is an internet service provider (ISP) and telecommunications company that provides internet, home phone, and television service to residential and commercial clients across the United States. CenturyLink is currently available in certain areas located in 33 states, including Colorado, with a service area that grows by the year.

What Modems Are Compatible With CenturyLink Internet?

Several different modems are compatible with CenturyLink. Check CenturyLink’s list of compatible modems to see if yours is included. If not, don’t worry—modems are available directly from CenturyLink as part of your CenturyLink internet service plan. Call a CenturyLink representative to discuss your modem options and rent one from CenturyLink.

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