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With CenturyLink Internet in Tempe, you can work from home, shop, and stream with less lag. Whether you need to log into a lecture or get in touch with an old friend, you can connect with ease.

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You may have options when it comes to internet, phone, and entertainment providers, but CenturyLink makes the decision simple and easy. With the option to pick a single plan or a package, you can always expect:

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CenturyLink’s internet and entertainment options are as flexible as you are. Simplify your home entertainment setup with CenturyLink entertainment providers:

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The Most Future-Focused Cities in Arizona

Arizona, a leader when it comes to forward-thinking, sustainable states, has provided greater internet access to its residents, along with different modes of public transportation. In addition, the state makes widespread use of solar energy.

What Makes a City Ready for the Future?

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A city’s connectivity score measures the percent of its population that have access to some form of high-speed internet, as well as at least one computing device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

green bus


The more public transportation options a city offers, the more the city combats greenhouse gas emissions as a result of traffic.

green bus

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure draws on sustainable technology to ensure a more economical, environmental-friendly future. Solar installations, or solar panels, use energy from the sun to generate electricity. Electric charging stations charge electric cars, which mitigate the need for car owners to drive only gas-fueled vehicles.

The Greenest and Most Connected Cities in your State

The Greenest and Most Connected Arizona Cities

  • #1 Phoenix

    Phoenix boasts 1891.84 solar installations per 100,000 residents, plus the city offers three forms of public transportation. 89.06% of its residents have access to at least one computing device, and 79.93% have access to a broadband connection.

  • #2 Tucson

    Like Phoenix, Tucson also offers three types of public transit. Beyond that, it provides 25.14 electric charging stations per 100,000 residents. Plus, over 89% (89.86) of its residents have access to at least one computing device.

  • #3 Mesa

    Mesa offers only two types of public transit, but it makes up for it with its green infrastructure initiatives: the city is home to 13.45 electric charging stations per 100,000 residents and 1,233.25 solar installations per 100,000 residents.

  • #4 Chandler

    95.90% of the residents in Chandler, AZ, have access to at least one computing device. 90.02% of the population have a broadband connection available to them. Even better? There are 30.57 electric charging stations per 100,000 residents in Chandler.

  • #5 Scottsdale

    Scottsdale offers the highest number of electric charging stations of any Arizona city (82.03 per 100,000 residents), as well as 2,247.52 solar installations per 100,000 residents.

  • #6 Glendale

    Glendale has one of the highest solar installation rates atop our list: 2,304.29 per 100,000 residents. Plus, a whopping 88.13% of its population have access to a computing device.

  • #7 Gilbert

    At 97.99%, Gilbert’s population has more access to computing devices than any other Arizona city on our list. Plus, 94.91% of its population can connect to a broadband connection.

  • #8 Tempe

    Tempe offers three types of public transport, which is something only Phoenix and Tucson also offer. What’s more, the city has 63.40 electric charging stations per 100,000 residents.

  • #9 Peoria

    Peoria has 3,780.00 solar installations per 100,000 residents. Also impressive? The city provides 2,062,000 electric charging stations.

  • #10 Surprise

    For a city with a name that implies its residents aren’t in the loop, Surprise is well connected. 94.35% of its residents have access to computing devices. 89.96% of its population have access to a broadband connection.


We weighed three factors to evaluate which Arizona cities are committed to making its cities better connected and more efficient: connectivity, transportation, and green infrastructure.

Connectivity (50%):

Percent of households with at least one computing device (e.g., laptop, smartphone, etc.) and percent of households with access to broadband internet.

Transportation (25%):

Access to different modes of public transportation including buses, trains, public bikes, and electric scooters.

Green Infrastructure (25%):

Number of electric car charging stations and solar installations per 100,000 residents.