Troubleshoot Slow Wi-Fi

Slow Wi-Fi issues are incredibly frustrating. Luckily, they can be incredibly easy to fix depending on the source of the problem. If you’re experiencing slow Wi-Fi, follow these instructions to troubleshoot the issue and solve the problem:

  • While Wi-Fi can travel through walls, certain materials slow it down, including drywall, brick walls, concrete, hollow wood doors, and refrigerators. Either move your device closer to the router or move the router away from these common barriers.
  • Check that your router isn’t overheating. If the air around the router can’t circulate properly, its components can overheat and keep the Wi-Fi from working.
  • If your router or modem currently sits on the floor, find a higher spot for it on a shelf. Moving them to a higher place can improve their wireless broadcasting capabilities.
  • Be aware of other wireless devices that can broadcast signals that slow your Wi-Fi. In particular, garage door openers, baby monitors, mobile phones, fans, and other electronic devices can broadcast signals that weaken your Wi-Fi. Turn off unnecessary devices or disable their electronic signal to boost your Wi-Fi.
  • Connect a device, such as a laptop, to your modem using an Ethernet cord, and follow these instructions to find a better wireless channel. If this process doesn’t work on your modem, you might need a newer model for optimum Wi-Fi speed.

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