CenturyLink Means High Speeds in South Dakota

It doesn’t matter where you are in South Dakota. You need high internet speeds that improve your life on the high plains and keep you in touch with friends and family members across the nation. Whether you’re looking for fast internet that lets you stream what you want, home phone services with unlimited nationwide calling, or TV channels that bring you the best in entertainment, CenturyLink is here for you.

CenturyLink® Internet Plans in South Dakota

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

$ 50

All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area.

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CenturyLink Service Map for South Dakota

View our comprehensive map to see where in South Dakota you can get high-speed CenturyLink internet.

South Dakota Coverage Map

CenturyLink is Available in These South Dakota Cities

Aberdeen, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 87.72% of your area

Box Elder, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 92.73% of your area

Chamberlain, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 85.19% of your area

Elk Point, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 82.18% of your area

Huron, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 90.08% of your area

Mitchell, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 90.99% of your area

North Sioux City, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 54.65% of your area

Pierre, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 92.69% of your area

Rapid City, SD

Max Speed: 40+ Mbps

Available in 87.13% of your area

Sioux Falls, SD

Max Speed: 100+ Mbps

Available in 97.36% of your area

Vermillion, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 92.13% of your area

Volga, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 97.02% of your area

Watertown, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 85.12% of your area

Whitewood, SD

Max Speed: <40 Mbps

Available in 0.31% of your area

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Safest States for Kids Online: South Dakota Ranks #10

From low rates of malware victims to a high number of cyberbullying laws, South Dakota has secured a solid spot in the top 10 Safest States for Kids Online.

What Makes South Dakota Safe for Kids Online?

cyberbullying icon

Cyberbullying and Sexting Laws

Of the 14 laws we looked at related to cyberbullying and sexting, South Dakota has enacted 11—far above the national average of 7.9.

internet crimes icon

Internet Crimes Against Children

For every 100,000 people, South Dakota had 2.52 victims of internet crimes against children. While not an ideal number, it still falls under the national rate of 3.35.

malware icon


The rate of malware victims is where South Dakota excels—there were only 0.42 victims of malware per 100,000 people in The Mount Rushmore State.


We analyzed all states in the United States including the District of Columbia and adjusted our data to reflect the state population under 20 years old. To achieve our final ranking, we created a weighted score based on the number of internet crime victims (25%), internet crimes against children (40%), malware victims (10%), and cyberbullying and sexting laws (25%). The data for each category came from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, United State Census, and the Cyberbullying Research Center’s Bullying Laws database.

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