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Trouble Installing Norton Security Software

Having a hard time installing your Norton Antivirus Software? See if one of the following options can solve your problem:

  • You can’t install the Norton software included with your CenturyLink @Ease plan without downloading the CenturyLink Installer. Try downloading the CenturyLink Installer and following the provided instructions.
  • If you’ve already downloaded CenturyLink Installer, delete duplicate copies of the download before you reinstall the program.
  • You may not have the minimum operating system requirements to download the software. Ensure your operating system and web browser are both up to date. In particular, make sure you have the latest version of the Microsoft.Net Framework.
  • Clean up your disk to create enough space for the download.

After you clean up the disk, delete duplicate versions of the CenturyLink Installer, and update Microsoft, turn your computer on and off again before attempting to install the software.

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