Voice Mail

Voice mail is included with your CenturyLink home phone plan. Follow these steps to set up your voice mail account for the first time:

1. Have your CenturyLink welcome letter on hand so you can access your retrieval number. If you don’t have your welcome letter, call CenturyLink at 1-800-669-7676, and follow the instructions to get your number.

2. Call your retrieval number, or dial *98.

3. Follow the automated prompts to set up your voice mail account.

4. Choose a password made of 4 to 15 numbers. Either choose a string of numbers easy for you to remember, like an important date, or write your number down—without your password, you won’t be able to listen to your voice mails.

5. Name your voice mail inbox. Choose a straightforward name such as “Jane’s voicemail” or “Doe household.”

6. Select your greeting. Choose one of three main greeting options:

  • To choose “at the tone, please record your message for [your CenturyLink phone number],” press one.
  • To choose “at the tone, please record your message for [your voice mail inbox’s name],” press two.
  • To record an individualized greeting in your own voice, press three.

Once you’ve set up your voice mail account, you can check it anytime you want. Call *98 from your home phone, dial your retrieval number, or dial your own home phone number and press 7. A series of automated prompts will tell you how to listen to your messages.

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