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Question: Create an original infographic explaining how the advancement of technology usage is leading to new career paths and leading more students away from traditional careers. Use factual, unique information and site your sources. Be sure to make your infographic as creative and engaging as you can.

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Thanks for stopping by but entries for the Centurylinkquote.com Scholarship are no longer being accepted. Please check back on Jan 15 when we announce the Centurylinkquote.com Scholarship recipient! Stay tuned for the next Scholarship question!

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Rules and Regulations
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Helpful Guidelines

Helpful Guidelines

Increase your chances of winning by following these guidelines:

  • Be creative
    Don't be afraid to try something different - remember, you want to stand out.
  • Submit before the deadline of June 14, 2017
    We will not accept any late entries, even if your dog eats your laptop.

Congratulations to our July 2016 winner!

Kaitlyn Terrey
Grand Canyon University

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