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  1. Which Hallmark Movie Is Your State In Love With?

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like more than half of all Americans, you’re already stockpiling chocolate, roses, and candy galore.  You might also be about…

    by Kylie Mcquarrie on

  2. From Siri to Alexa – The Digital Assistant Revolution

    Over the last couple of years, most of the major tech companies have been making a push for consumers to purchase standalone digital assistant devices for use in the home….

    by Jonathan Huynh on

    amazon echo internet digital assistant
  3. Most Popular Social App by State

    How long has it been since you checked your Facebook app? How about Instagram or Snapchat? We’re guessing that whether you’re at work or home, it’s only been a few…

    women on phone social app
  4. Make Your Phone Work for You, Not Against You, at Work

    In theory, smartphones should make you more productive at work. After all, they give you easy access to email, let you chat with colleagues about important issues, and notify you…

    by Kylie Mcquarrie on

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  5. The Most Charitable Cities Aren’t Using the Internet

    Studies show that Americans are among the most charitable people in the world. Americans especially tend to give during the holiday season, a time when US charities receive an average…

    by hilary bird on

  6. Internet Safety Guide: Viruses & Malware

    Having high-speed Internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a way of life and when you get Internet at a great price, like you can with a CenturyLink bundles, life…

    by Monique Serbu on

  7. Most Popular Creepy Podcast by State in 2017

    Did you know that four in ten Americans tune in to podcasts these days? The popularity of podcasts has steadily risen between 10%–20% year over year. Steady growth is a…

    by hilary bird on

  8. Internet Safety Guide: Parental Controls

    Between school and social interactions, kids are using the Internet at younger ages than ever. But news stories about cyberbullying, chat room deceptions, adult websites, and online scams can worry…

  9. Internet Safety Guide: ID Theft & Fraud

    In 2014, 17.6 million people in the U.S. had their identities stolen, with total financial losses reaching $15.4 billion. Identity theft is a very real — and frightening — possibility….

    by Monique Serbu on

  10. Internet Safety Guide: Staying Safe on Social Media

    When you don’t need high-speed Internet access for work or research, social media is a great way to interact with friends, while taking some time to relax. In fact, social…

    by Monique Serbu on