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What is CenturyLink @Ease?

You take the time to protect your home and family in the neighborhood where you live. You lock your doors, and maybe you even have a home security system. The Internet is like a global neighborhood with instant access to go anywhere, good or bad, at the click of a mouse. You know the places to avoid driving home at night, but avoiding those bad places on the Internet is not so easy. CenturyLink @Ease (at ease) offers protection and experts to talk to if problems occur. Even the computer hardware you use to access the Internet has protection available with CenturyLink @Ease service plans.

CenturyLink @Ease Protection Plans

There are four levels of protection with the CenturyLink @Ease service plans. All Internet service customers get access to the Basic level @Ease service that offers free Norton Antivirus and spyware protection as well as PC Health Check and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for new customers.

Standard @Ease service is $9.99 per month and adds the next level Norton Internet Security software that greatly enhances your family’s computer safety with two-way firewall protection, track and block parental controls, and 5 gigabytes of automatic cloud backup storage with quick recovery. You have protection that includes repair for two PCs, phone support, remote assistance and web-based support, inside wire maintenance for your Internet connection, and access to a toll-free claim center.

CenturyLink @Ease Advanced level is $14.99 per month and adds to the impressive list of features included at the lower levels of service. Advanced @Ease service adds Norton 360, which includes 50 gigabytes of cloud storage and backup. Also, operating system help is available along with CenturyLink hardware and software installation, and troubleshooting. An added feature at the Advanced level is an extended modem warranty.

The Ultra @Ease service is $19.99 per month and upgrades the cloud backup and recovery storage to 200 gigabytes. Additionally, the Ultra @Ease service adds malware and virus removal if something does go wrong. Ultra @Ease provides advanced identity theft protection provided by Identity Guard. Your social security, bank account and credit card numbers are monitored to make sure they do not appear on the Internet. The service also monitors your credit by watching for accounts being opened in your name.

@Ease Self-Help

There are times when you know you can fix something yourself. You may have accidentally shut off the wireless on your laptop and forgot how to turn it back on. Maybe you want to configure a new email program to work with your email address. CenturyLink @Ease includes access to information that is easy to find on fixing everything from common PC problems to knowing what the lights mean on your modem or router.

CenturyLink On-Site Help

Things sometimes go wrong that cannot be fixed by granting remote access to your computer to a trained CenturyLink technician. Available on-site help can be part of your CenturyLink @Ease subscription. From PC problems to malfunctions with the wiring that connects you to the Internet that is inside your home, there is an @Ease protection plan to cover it all.

CenturyLink @Ease for Non-Internet Related PC Problems

Not all problems with your computer are related to the Internet. If you have a problem with your PC’s operating system, or if you just need help installing software or troubleshooting why software is not working right, @Ease subscriptions at the Advanced and Ultra level is there to help. If a virus or malware cannot be removed by the security software or remote assistance, the Ultra level of CenturyLink @Ease covers it.

@Ease With Norton Antivirus and Security Suite Protection

Norton by Symantec is a leading suite of applications designed to protect you and your family from online threats. The basic Norton antivirus and spyware protection uses a patented five-layer protection system, and it is free to CenturyLink Internet customers to use. The CenturyLink @Ease Standard subscription upgrades you to Norton Internet Security software that includes a two-way firewall to protect your computer from viruses as well as protecting your computer from being used to spread viruses.

Norton parental controls let you track what your children are visiting on the web and lets you block access to sites you want to keep them safe from seeing. It also monitors your Facebook to keep you safe from hidden computer threats. The bogus app and website protection allows you to be at ease clicking links, knowing your computer is secure. Cloud backup and file recovery storage is available from 5 to 200 gigabytes, depending on your CenturyLink @Ease subscription level. CenturyLink @Ease Advanced and Ultra levels upgrade you to Norton 360 for full PC protection, including PC Tune Ups to fix problems.

CenturyLink @Ease is designed to help you be at ease about computer and Internet security concerns for your entire family as well as providing easy solutions to hardware and software issues, including discounts on home visits for repairs if needed. The Internet can be fun and educational, but it can also be risky to explore without good security to keep you out of trouble. The combined suite of CenturyLink @Ease services and apps help keep the Internet experience safe and enjoyable for you and your family.

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