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Internet Scams by State: Are You At Risk?

The internet transcends lines on the map, connecting us to faraway friends and a world of information, fast—but when it comes to online crime, your home (or IP) address couldn’t be more relevant. Internet scams aren’t one size fits all; the FBI lists seven major types of internet fraud, including phishing, data breaches, and denial […]

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Wi-Fi Boosters, Repeaters, and Extenders: 3 Ways to Increase Your Signal

A high-speed internet plan with enough bandwidth and a high-functioning modem/router combination is the foundation for a sturdy Wi-Fi signal. However, even when you have great internet service, Wi-Fi connections aren’t perfect. Signals can get blocked by walls, fail to reach far enough, or run up against other in-home problems that stall your Wi-Fi speed […]

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How to Self Install Your New CenturyLink Internet

Updated: Dec. 20, 2018 You don’t have to wait for an appointment with a technician to set up your new CenturyLink Internet service. With a CenturyLink installation kit, you can get your internet service up and running all on your own. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know. Understanding Your Equipment Before you […]

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Your State’s Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie

If Hallmark® movies are your passion, December is far and away the most wonderful time of the year. Last year, 72 million viewers tuned into the popular channel and treated themselves to wholesome love stories against the backdrop of falling snow, presents under the tree, and a hearty helping of Christmas spirit. Do your Hallmark […]

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Your State’s Favorite PBS Kids Show

The popularity of PBS™ kids shows spans generations. With the youngsters heading back to school, they’re also back to tuning into their before and after school favorite shows—some of which might have been your favorites, too. Classics like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street, which have taught lessons about caring and sharing to generations of […]

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