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How Fast Is DSL?

It may be easy to ignore your Internet speed, but it affects how much you can accomplish on the Internet as well as how many people in your household can be online at once. Fast Internet speeds are important for streaming movies, posting pictures to social media, sending business emails, and video chatting with family […]

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Where Is DSL Available?

One of the most popular ways to connect to the Internet is through a Digital Subscriber Line — more commonly known as DSL. But what is DSL and how do you find out if it’s available in your area? We answer those questions and more below to help you determine if DSL is a good […]

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Types of Broadband Internet

Internet technology is constantly changing to improve speed and customer satisfaction. It may be difficult to keep up with new developments, but understanding terms like “DSL” and “broadband” could improve your Internet experience and save you time searching for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). What Is Broadband Internet? Broadband is a type of Internet service […]

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What Is a Trojan Horse?

Today’s Trojan horses may not be physical constructions like their Greek namesake, but these malicious software codes do act like their predecessor: they sneak into your computer and unleash their forces, often with highly destructive effects. Being the victim of a Trojan horse attack can be devastating — people have had financial information stolen and […]

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How Do I Maximize My Home Internet Speed?

Few things are as frustrating as a slow, unreliable Internet connection. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the information superhighway, here’s a handy how-to guide to maximize your lagging Internet speeds. 1. Check the Internet speed you’re paying for Your Internet may be slow because you’re paying for a lower-tier plan. Check with your […]

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What is a DSL Filter?

If you are one of the millions of people who get their Internet service through Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), make sure you are getting the best possible speed from your connection. Since DSL comes into your home or business via phone line, there are other signals traveling on the same line as your Internet connection […]

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