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Internet Safety Center

A resource center for parents, teachers, kids, and teens. Having high-speed Internet is no longer a luxury in the United States, it has become a way of life. While there are certainly many wonderful things that have come from this connection, there are also serious concerns to be had about our shift away from personal […]

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CenturyLink Modems Guide & Basic Troubleshooting

Geekspeak defines modems as devices that modulate (encode) and demodulate (decode) digital signals so computing devices can send and receive data over the Internet. Fortunately, they are easy to set up and rarely experience any issues, despite the complicated explanation for what it is that they actually do. Home modems used for Internet service today […]

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What is Cloud Storage?

In 2016, the Cloud is essential to everyday Internet use. Though most users don’t understand the mechanics of the Cloud, they’ve likely interacted with Cloud services without even realizing it — Cloud computing is involved in everything from media streaming to online business transactions. Of course, having access to Cloud storage and computing won’t do […]

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What Is a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Internet access has become more of a necessity than a luxury, making it important to be able to get online no matter where you are. When you’re at home, having a strong and reliable Internet connection can help boost your productivity, whether you’re using it for work or just to relax. Especially when you’re service […]

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What Is Phishing?

The Internet has completely revolutionized our world culture by making information more accessible and making global communication instantaneous. And while the benefits that have come from this change are too numerous to count—especially when you’re getting a great Internet service at a great price—this interconnection has also opened the door to new types of crime.  […]

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What Is a Router? 

Home Internet is one of the best modern conveniences around, but to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Internet connection, you need to have a router — and know how it works. If all the gadgets and tools that come along with having Internet make your head spin, we’re here to answer […]

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