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Your State’s Favorite Spooky TV Show

Looking for a spooky show to binge-watch? ‘Tis the scaring season.

We found which spooky TV shows states are watching most—and the lineup includes everything from Stranger Things and The X-Files to The Haunting of Hill House and Supernatural.

Whether it’s Kathy Bates doing her thing in, not one, but eight seasons of American Horror Story or Rick Grimes going to town on zombies in the Walking Dead, people are watching—and we’re right there with them.

So grab the popcorn. Find a blanket. And start binge-watching on a trusty internet connection that won’t freeze right before the do-gooder-but-could-have-been-smarter protagonist gets killed.

The Vampire Diaries Takes the Cake 

While the data proves New Yorkers love Scream Queens and the pacific northwest can’t get enough of The X-Files, we dug a little deeper to see why some states prefer certain shows over others. 

Here are some interesting finds:

  • The Vampire Diaries is the class favorite among 9 different states—the most of any spooky show in our lineup. Unsurprisingly, Georgia, where the VD crew filmed the series, is in the mix. If you’re itching to see the real-life Mystic Falls, head on over to Covington, GA.
  • Lots of Northeastern states—specifically Virginia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Maine—have a thing for The Terror. Even though the story centers around a ship’s journey around the West Coast during WWII, the Eastern Seaboard still has a taste for pacific poltergeists. 
  • The plot of Ash vs. Evil Dead is set in Michigan, where a haunted cabin in the woods set the stage for the original film’s debut. Even now, the show continues to stick to its roots by periodically sneaking hidden references in episodes. 
  • Alaskans search iZombie more than any other show, which is a smart move for those who get too paranoid to sleep at night. Alaska is one of the safest places to be during a zombie apocalypse thanks to its spread-out population and high number of gun owners. Luckily, Alaskans shouldn’t have too much to worry about on the zombie front. 
  • Scream Queens, the horror spoof of sorority row turned death row, is set on the campus of the fictional Wallace University in New Orleans. Sure enough, the show is Louisiana’s most-searched series, which could mean Louisianians are curious about what’s going down in its prized city—fictional or not. 


To determine each state’s most binge-worthy spooky show, we analyzed Google search data for the most popular horror TV shows over the past 5 years (from 8/17/2014 to 8/17/2019). 

Here’s the full list of spooky TV shows that averaged the most search volume, in order from most popular to least:  

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Supernatural
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. American Horror Story
  5. Fear the Walking Dead
  6. iZombie
  7. The Terror
  8. The Vampire Diaries
  9. The Haunting of Hill House
  10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  11. Bates Motel
  12. Ash vs. Evil Dead
  13. Scream Queens
  14. Hannibal
  15. The X-Files

Rate Your State’s Favorite 

Spooky junkies: What do you think of your state’s top spooky pick? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below! We want to hear all the thoughts. 

StateSpooky Show
AlabamaThe Vampire Diaries
ArizonaFear The Walking Dead
ArkansasThe Vampire Diaries
CaliforniaScream Queens
ColoradoThe Haunting of Hill House
ConnecticutScream Queens
DelawareThe Terror
District of ColumbiaScream Queens
FloridaThe Vampire Diaries
GeorgiaThe Vampire Diaries
HawaiiThe Vampire Diaries
IllinoisStranger Things
IndianaStranger Things
IowaThe Vampire Diaries
KansasThe Haunting of Hill House
KentuckyThe Vampire Diaries
LouisianaScream Queens
MaineThe Terror
MarylandThe Terror
MassachusettsBuffy the Vampire Slayer
MichiganAsh vs Evil Dead
MinnesotaStranger Things
MississippiThe Vampire Diaries
NebraskaThe Haunting of Hill House
NevadaFear The Walking Dead
New HampshireThe Terror
New JerseyScream Queens
New MexicoFear The Walking Dead
New YorkScream Queens
North CarolinaFear The Walking Dead
North DakotaBates Motel
OhioThe Haunting of Hill House
OklahomaThe Vampire Diaries
OregonThe X Files
PennsylvaniaBates Motel
Rhode IslandThe Terror
South CarolinaFear The Walking Dead
South DakotaSupernatural
TennesseeThe Haunting of Hill House
TexasScream Queens
UtahStranger Things
VermontBuffy the Vampire Slayer
VirginiaThe Terror
WashingtonThe X Files
West VirginiaAmerican Horror Story
WisconsinThe X Files

Fuel Your Scare-A-Thon 

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