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Third Annual Most-Googled Relationship Questions Report

While forming relationships looks a little different this year, what’s not different is how people turn to Google to get their love questions answered, including the ever-popular “Does he like me?” and the ever-helpful “How to kiss.” 

So, for the third year in a row, the team at CenturyLinkQuote looked into what relationship question each state is asking the most. 

From the mountains of Alaska to the beaches of Hawaii, we compiled a list of each state’s most burning relationship question from the past year. Whether your binge-watch of Bridgerton has inspired you to rekindle the spark in your current relationship or you’re motivated to start anew, we want to know what love questions you’re searching for.

With internet availability practically everywhere these days, we all turned to Google to answer one thing or another (including all our questions on dating and love).


Popular Relationship Searches:

Best Dating Apps

The most popular inquiry for 20 states was to find the best dating apps, leading us to believe that many people are eager to meet someone special online. While it may seem like an intimidating way to get to know someone, studies from Pew Research Center show that 30 percent of all Americans have used a dating site and 48 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 have used one. 

If interest is any indication of what dating apps could be considered “best,” then it’s probably a good idea to check out the top ten most-searched dating apps: Tinder, Badoo, OkCupid, Grindr, HER, Bumble, eharmony,, Hinge, and Raya.

How to Kiss

“How to kiss” was the second most searched question, attracting residents of seven states: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to guarantee that a set of simple instructions can turn anyone into a great kisser, but there are still plenty of tips and techniques across the internet to get you started, from picking the right setting for a kiss to keeping your breath fresh.   

How to Get Over a Breakup

A difficult but often necessary part of your relationship journey is breaking up with someone you’re dating when things aren’t working out. Thanks to the internet, now it’s easy to find great resources and tips from relationship experts on how to navigate the post-breakup world. Simple steps like not contacting your ex and finding things to be grateful for can make a world of difference.

Does She Like Me

The least searched inquiry was “Does she like me,” which was the top question in only two states. However, “Does he like me” was most searched in six states. Do men just have more confidence in their ability to read subtle signs in relationships? Are women more concerned with understanding how men show emotion? We’ll let you decide.

Romantic Discoveries:

  • Virginia’s state slogan is “Virginia is for Lovers.” This pucker-up catchphrase was coined by an ad agency in 1969 to increase the Old Dominion state’s appeal. The slogan first made its appearance in Modern Bride (circa 1969) and has inspired couples to its borders ever since. 
  • Hawaii’s island of Kauai was named the most romantic destination by U.S. News. Its beautiful sandy beaches, appealing hiking trails, and picture-perfect weather attracts more than one million visitors each year. 
  • “How the west was kissed” may be a more appropriate term for the western part of the US. According to our findings, for three years in a row, three states—Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming—have asked “How to kiss” as their state’s most-googled relationship question.

StateRelationship Question in 2021Relationship Question in 2020
AlabamaWhen to text backDoes she like me
AlaskaHow to kissHow to kiss
ArizonaBest dating appsWhat do men want
ArkansasDoes he like me?Does he love me
CaliforniaBest dating appsWhen to text back
ColoradoAm I in love?How to break up
ConnecticutBest dating appsHow to break up
DelawareBest dating appsHow to kiss
District of ColumbiaBest dating appsHow to get a date
FloridaAm I in love?When to text back
GeorgiaDoes he like me?How to get dates
HawaiiHow to kissHow to break up
IdahoHow to kissHow to kiss
IllinoisBest dating appsHow to break up
IndianaBest dating appsWhen to text back
IowaWhen to say "I love you"Am I in love
KansasBest dating appsAm I in love
KentuckyWhen to text backWhat do women want
LouisianaAm I in love?How to get dates
MaineAm I in love?Am I in love
MarylandDoes he like me?Am I in love
MassachusettsBest dating appsHow to break up
MichiganWhen to text backDoes she love me
MinnesotaDoes he like me?How to break up
MississippiDoes he like me?What do men want
MissouriHow to get over a breakupAm I in love
MontanaAm I in love?Does he like me
NebraskaBest dating appsAm I in love
NevadaBest dating appsAm I in love
New HampshireAm I in love?How to break up
New JerseyBest dating appsHow to get dates
New MexicoDoes she like me?What to do on a date
New YorkBest dating appsHow to break up
North CarolinaBest dating appsHow to get dates
North DakotaDoes he like me?How to break up
OhioBest dating appsHow to propose
OklahomaWhen to say "I love you"Am I in love
OregonBest dating appsDoes she like me
PennsylvaniaBest dating appsWhen to text back
Rhode IslandBest dating appsDoes he like me
South CarolinaWhen to text backWhen to say I love you
South DakotaHow to kisshow to propose
TennesseeWhen to text backWhen to text back
TexasWhen to text backWhen to text back
UtahHow to kissHow to kiss
VermontHow to kissHow to break up
VirginiaBest dating appsHow to get dates
WashingtonBest dating appsAm I in love
West VirginiaDoes she like me?How to break up
WisconsinHow to get over a breakupHow to propose
WyomingHow to kissHow to kiss


To find each state’s burning love question, the team at CenturyLinkQuote used Google search volume to determine which question was asked the most. 

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