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Second Annual Most-Googled Relationship Questions

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, the team at CenturyLinkQuote is curious to know: what are your plans for February 14th? Chocolate tasting for two? GNO with your best friends in true Galentine’s day fashion? What about some quality me time à la Eat, Pray, Love?

Whether you’re head over heels lovestruck, blissfully single, or fall in the camp of “it’s complicated,” heart-shaped chocolates and oversized teddy bears are sure to remind you of the love-themed holiday. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to know what people are saying (and asking) about love. To find the answer, we turned to Google.

While some people are looking for tips on how to kiss and flirt, others are struggling to move on and get over a breakup. Either way, Google’s got their back. Between famous online love Gurus and dozens of YouTube dating experts, the internet is overflowing with answers to peoples’ most burning relationship questions. 

With internet availability practically everywhere these days, we all turned to Google to answer one thing or another (including all our questions on dating and love).

Interesting Findings

How do you break up with someone? How do you kiss someone? When is it appropriate to say I love you? Whether you need a little feedback on your first date outfit or need to brainstorm ideas on how to propose, we all have relationship questions—no matter where you live. 

  • Not everyone behind a keyboard is content with their current partner. 11 states need advice on how to break up with someone—the most of any search query. While there’s speculation on which gender reacts to breakups harder, data shows that it’s grim for both parties. Women report feeling worse off emotionally than men, but men reportedly take longer to move on. 
  • If you feel like everyone is in a happy relationship but you, fear not! The top two relationship questions googled were “How to break up” and “Am I in love.” As it turns out, not everyone taken is happily taken. 
  • At least five states are eager to learn how to kiss. People smooch for a myriad of reasons: for luck, to greet someone, for that warm and fuzzy feeling we call love, and because, well, it feels good—literally. Lips contain more nerve endings than any other part of the body. Plus, when you kiss, your body releases serotonin. 
  • “Does he like me” has nearly twice as much search volume as “Does she like me” —  ditto with “Does he love me” and “Does she love me.” Historically, men are less communicative and expressive than women, which is probably why ladies across the country are wondering how the men in their life feel about them.  
  • Both Nevada and Oklahoma searched “Am I in love” the most of any question. They’re also the top two states with the highest divorce rates. Couples get divorced because they fall out of love, which could explain why Nevada and Oklahoma residents are asking the question on repeat. 
  • Which state wins for having the most brides and grooms? Utah. The Beehive State has the highest percentage of married people in the country. With 55.4% of the population, the state with the world’s greatest snow also has the highest number of couples tying the knot. 

StateRelationship Question
AlabamaDoes she like me
AlaskaHow to kiss
ArizonaWhat do men want
ArkansasDoes he love me
CaliforniaWhen to text back
ColoradoHow to break up
ConnecticutHow to break up
DelawareHow to kiss
District of ColumbiaHow to get a date
FloridaWhen to text back
GeorgiaHow to get dates
HawaiiHow to break up
IdahoHow to kiss
IllinoisHow to break up
IndianaWhen to text back
IowaAm I in love
KansasAm I in love
KentuckyWhat do women want
LouisianaHow to get dates
MaineAm I in love
MarylandAm I in love
MassachusettsHow to break up
MichiganDoes she love me
MinnesotaHow to break up
MississippiWhat do men want
MissouriAm I in love
MontanaDoes he like me
NebraskaAm I in love
NevadaAm I in love
New HampshireHow to break up
New JerseyHow to get dates
New MexicoWhat to do on a date
New YorkHow to break up
North CarolinaHow to get dates
North DakotaHow to break up
OhioHow to propose
OklahomaAm I in love
OregonDoes she like me
PennsylvaniaWhen to text back
Rhode IslandDoes he like me
South CarolinaWhen to say I love you
South Dakotahow to propose
TennesseeWhen to text back
TexasWhen to text back
UtahHow to kiss
VermontHow to break up
VirginiaHow to get dates
WashingtonAm I in love
West VirginiaHow to break up
WisconsinHow to propose
WyomingHow to kiss


We looked at relative Google search volume for relationship questions to see what each state is googling about love.

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